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ADDED 6/5/18Congratulations to Mr. Bob Pinney another successful tournament on Mar. 18.  The Colgate event, while small, is always fun & friendly.  We were glad to hear it went well.  On Apr. 27, Sensei Campos travelled to Malone, NY for his bi-annual visit to attend testing and present seminars.  Congratulations to Bob Smallman on achieving Shodan.  As always the N-NY instructors did a great job getting him ready for the test.  It was great to see the club instructors Mr. Brown, Pepe, Perry, Campbell, Secore, Ms. Malik & Mr. & Mrs. Guccione and the other black belts and students at this event.  It is always an honor to have the opportunity to visit and instruct at our member clubs. On May 19, Sensei Campos & Mrs. Streeter travelled to Oneida, NY to attend testing at Waterman's Martial Arts.  Mr. Stevenson from the Cobleskill ZDK also attended.   Congratulations to Autumn Davis on achieving Shodan.  Mr. Pinney & Mr. Waterman worked hard to prepare Autumn and she passed with flying colors.  Also flying in from Seattle for the test and to visit family was Ethan Waterman.  Great day for everyone.

ADDED 2/5/18 Winter 2018 has been, well, winter!  Sensei Campos has been busy assisting future candidates for Yudansha rank, as well as attending events.  On 1/22/18 he had the privilege of attending testing at Mr. Stevenson's Cobleskill, NY dojo.  Congratulations to Jeremy & Jason on their new brown belt ranks and thanks to Mr. Richard Schuyler & Mr. Tom Greco for being board members.  It is always great to see how well everyone is progressing as they continue the journey towards black belt.  Thank you Mr. Stevenson for the invitation.  He has also been to HQ a couple of times to help fine tune Matthew & Schuyler as they prepare to test for their black belt test in March.

CONGRATULATIONS to Larry & Laura Brooks on another successful Friendship Tournament in W. Winfield, NY on Sun. 2/4.  They had to cancel last year's tournament due to the tragic accident Laura experienced and it is good to see them back directing this event again.  They had a great turnout in spite of the cold, snow, and blustery conditions.  It is great to see both Laura and Kira Stone-Benenati doing so well after the terrible accidents they had last year.  They both epitomize what it means to be a WARRIOR!  As always, the tournament ran smoothly and on time thanks to all of the instructors and black belts who judged and assisted throughout the day.

We would also like to note that Sensei Bruno Daniele of Tenchi Karate in Syracuse, NY renewed his ZDK membership for 2018. He dropped off our radar for a year but renewed at the Brooks tournament.  Welcome back and thank you for being part of the ZDK.




ADDED 10/3/17:   Our hearts go out to the victims of the violent shootings that occurred in Las Vegas.  As martial artists we train for the unexpected and hope we never have to use our skills but there is nothing that can truly prepare us for the kind of violence that was unleashed in this attack.  Certainly we need to examine and come to terms with what it is about our society that makes it the most dangerous advanced country in the world.  We can only hope that this event will bring us together and that reasonable people will create reasonable solutions that help ensure our safety. 

CONGRATULATIONS:  On Sun. 9/25 there was a Black Belt test at HQ for Samantha Field from the Cherry Valley, NY ZDK & for Jaedon Natale from the Cobleskill, NY ZDK.  We are pleased to report that they both had successful tests and have joined the ranks of ZDK System Yudansha.  A lot of the credit for their success goes to the support they had from their Instructors, Mr. Cox & Mr. Stevenson, as well as their dojo mates, families and friends.  Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Streeter for helping to prepare the candidates and for hosting the test in Johnstown.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             On Fri. 9/29 we held another successful test at the Massena, NY ZDK for another candidate, Ms. Elizabeth Hewett.  She is a veteran of the US Marine Corp and a student of Mr. Pepe & Mr. Perry.  We had a large number of Black Belts in attendance from several N-NY ZDK clubs to give her support, including, Mr. Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Guccione, Mr. Germano, Mr. Kenna, Mr. Campbell and others.  Mr. Campos was on hand to oversee the test and to teach two seminars on Sat.  As always, the hospitality and effort of the N-NY ZDK clubs & Instructors make his visits something he looks forward to every Fall & Spring.

 ADDED 8/14/17 Where did the summer go?  It seems that the seasons go more quickly every year!  Picking up on the news, Mr. Campos had a chance to instruct at HQ in Johnstown while Mr. & Mrs. Streeter were away.  As always, he enjoyed the opportunity to teach and spend time with the students.  It is nice to see that the standards and expectations at HQ continue to be high and the students are motivated.  Later in June he travelled to Burlington, VT and spent some time relaxing and catching up with another "old time" student and great technician & competitor from the 1970's, Vinnie Rizzio.  We had a great visit and really loved Burlington!  Speaking of some of our early members, Craig Corato & Jim Simpson popped in this summer to say hi.  Craig established the Cobleskill club in the 1970's and was a rated competitor.  He lives in TX.  Jim lives locally and trained with us in the early 80's.  Then we had a surprise visit from Richard & Robert Schuyler.  They are twins who started with us in the 80's while in high school.  Both have had careers in law-enforement, Richard locally & Robert at the Federal level.  It was great to see and catch up with so many of our early members this summer!  Mr. Arcuri hosted the 35th Super Summer Seminars camp on July 21-23.  Mr. Campos almost missed this one due to a death in the family.  He was able to show up on Sat. afternoon and attend the evening's festivities, including the Cobb Olympics and the late night karaoke.  We can share with you that Elvis apparently is still alive!  It was great to see so many students & instructor's enjoying themselves while learning and training in varied arts.  If you have never attended SSS you are missing the oldest & least expensive open camp in the country.  This was Mr. Arcuri's 10th year of running SSS and Mr. Campos presented him with a certificate of recognition for all his hard work.  Finally, Mr. Campos had an opportunity to go to the NorthEast Open in Albany, NY this past weekend.  He ran into several old friends and was happy to see several ZDK members assisting and competing, including, Mr. Arcuri, Mr. Brooks, and Mr. Lavigne.  This event run by Adam Grogan is one of the top events on the east coast.  Kudos to Mr. Grogan on his hard work and success in putting together a phenomenal event!  On to the Fall season with lots of events.

ADDED 5/3/17 The testing/seminar weekend hosted by the N-NY ZDK in Malone, NY was a huge success.  Sensei Campos was on hand to oversee testing on Fri. evening and the candidates were up to the task and ready to rumble.  Congratulations to the new North country ShodansJennifer Balaban (Canton, NY ZDK), Chris McClure (Malone ZDK) & Patti Shirley (Massena, NY ZDK).  NidansZachary Fitzgerald & Bert Campbell (Malone ZDK) & 68 year old Jerry Benware (Massena ZDK).  The commitment & dedication of everyone testing was evident!  Many thanks to the N-NY Instructors for their efforts, to all the board members, and especially to the Uke's who helped make the testing challenging for the candidates.  Saturday morning there was a large turnout of juniors for the kids seminar and a full house for the adult session later in the day.  Sensei Campos would like to thank all of the students, parents, instructors and clubs for a great weekend.  Saturday evening was spent enjoying a great dinner with the group.  It was great to see the N-NY Chief Instructors, Mr. Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Guccione, Mr. Perry, Mr. Secore, Ms. Malik, and all the other senior ranks.  We already have a date for the fall and are excited about the opportunity to train, teach, and socialize. 

ADDED 4/8/17: There has been a lot going on the past two months.  We are happy to report that both Laura Brooks & Kira Stone have been released from the rehab facilities and are now home and well on their way to recovery. This has been a long hard struggle for both of them and we wish them the best.  Special recognition goes to Mr. Cox and the Cherry valley, NY ZDK for the fundraiser they held on Feb. 10 to benefit Laura & Kira. They were able to donate $865 to each!  Congratulations, fantastic effort for a small club!  On Jan. 28 & Feb 25, Sensei Campos held well attended Brown/Black Belt classes at the Johnstown, NY ZDK.  Proceeds from the Jan. class were donated to both of our recovering members.  Tournament NewsMr. Campos attended the Pinney's American Karate Tournament held at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY on Mar. 19.  It was friendly and best of all, it was over by 2 pm thanks to the help of many ZDK Black Belts. Congratulations to Mr. Bob Pinney on 21 years of running the event!  Mr. Campos had to miss Ms. Vicki Gillen's Tournament in Rome, NY held on Apr. Fool's Day since he was in Florida.  We heard it was a great event though and was supported by many ZDK members & Instructors.  Special Congratulations to Ms. Susan Jackson on her promotion to 7th Dan on the recommendation of Mr. Bob Gifford (TX ZDK). Ms. Jackson started training with him in the early 1980's.  Mr. Campos visited her club to present a seminar and award her new rank on Sat. Mar. 25.  Well deserved and thank you for being a part of the ZDK!

ADDED 2/7/17:   As many of you are aware, 2016 ended with a tragedy & 2017 began with another.  The accident that befell the Brooks (Brooks Karate School, W. Winfield, NY) family just before the holidays was terrible.  They lost their daughter and all three women who survived ended up in intensive care and a rehab center.  Laura Brooks is still in rehab and will be there for awhile longer.  Kira Stone's (Bailey's Karate, Herkimer, NY) accident occurred in early January and she has just recently been transferred to a rehab facility.  She is making slow but steady progress from her very serious injuries.  Both of these accidents were caused by drivers who left their lane and hit their victim head-on.  This seems to be something that is happening more frequently and may be caused by driver distraction.  On a positive note, our ZDK family and other martial artists have stepped up to help with donations for both these families.  This will be a long journey for both Laura & Kira and we all need to keep them in our thoughts.

FUNDRAISER HELD AT JOHNSTOWN ZDK:  On Jan. 28 Sensei Campos instructed two classes as part of our effort to assist Laura & Kira.  We were able to raise $200 for each and want to thank Mr. & Mrs. Streeter for the facility and to everyone in attendance.


PICTURES (L-R):  SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Robert Streeter, Chief Instructor of the Johnstown ZDK, receiving his 7th Dan rank at the Adult Brown/Black Belt Class.  The adult group at the class & the children's class at the Johnstown studio.


On Saturday, February 4, Canton College Karate Club hosted a gathering of martial artists at SUNY Canton which raised $200  and an assortment of canned goods for the Church and Community Food Pantry in Canton. Martial artists from the Zen do Kai clubs in Canton, Massena, and Malone were joined by students and instructors from Forest Spirit Martial Arts of Potsdam and Merrickville Karate and Seaway Karate from Canada.



ADDED 12/2/16 As we get ready to ring in another year we want to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas & Holiday Season!  We continue to look forward with energy and enthusiasm for the martial arts.  As Sensei Campos celebrates 57 years of training, teaching and learning, he looks forward to meeting and working with every ZDK member and all of our friends in the arts from around the world.  Thank you for your support!

 ADDED 5/9/16:  WKF/SSS CONVENTION:  What an amazing weekend we had in Rochester, NY with the World Kobudo Federation & Super Summer Seminar combined camp/convention.  The friendship, sharing, and camaraderie was extraordinary due to the efforts of John Therien & Alain Sailly (WKF) & Tom Arcuri & Matt Dorsey (SSS).  It was great to see so many SSS & ZDK members participating.  Sensei Campos was honored to be a part of this first ever combined effort involving approximately 60 amazing instructors teaching 150 seminars to approximately 400 participants.  There was also a Kata Tournament on Saturday morning that saw 4 ZDK members compete with our Kanshu Kata's.  Lisa Guccione took 2nd, Dave Guccione 3rd, and Jovan Germano grabbed 1st in their respective divisions.  Our fourth member, Sam Anaganostopoulos, injured himself during the event and did not place.  All are from the Canton, NY ZDK under the instruction of Dave Guccione, newly minted Rokudan.  This was not the usual competition - every competitor had to perform their form FOUR times to make it to a medal.  Hats off - especially to Dave Guccione - on surviving that at 74 years young!!!  On Sunday there was an exciting Breaking competition run by Adam Grogan of Pil Sung Martial Arts in Albany, NY.  Other highlights included the Taste of America meal on Friday evening , the Saturday evening Banquet, and the Kobudomania Show which had really amazing demonstrations.  The ZDK was well represented by Mr. Arcuri's Herkimer Club demo team and by a flawless performance of his famous Cane Kata by Jeff Melander, who is now an official Texan!  Mr. Campos even reconnected with Michael Kossivakis from Greece after over 20 years.  His knife classes were excellent and we were glad we had a chance to spend some time together.  This was truly a WORLD CLASS experience!



ADDED 5/4/16:  Sensei Campos just returned from his bi-annual trip to Malone, NY to visit the N-NY ZDK group and present seminars for children & adults.  As always it was great to see all of the north country students & instructors.  CONGRATULATIONS TO MR DAVE GUCCIONE on being promoted to 6th Dan (Rokudan).  He directs the Canton, NY ZDK and has been a ZDK member since he began training over 3 decades ago.  He tested for his 5th Dan in 2008 and has always demonstrated the attitude, professionalism, dedication & commitment we look for in our members.  Thanks to all the hard work of the N-NY group we had excellent turnout for both classes.  Many thanks to Mr. Brown, Perry, Pepe, Secore, Guccione & Ms. Malik and to all their black belts and students for making these events so successful for the past 35+ years!  Now it's on to the WKF World Convention & Super Summer Seminars this weekend in Rochester, NY.  Thank you all for continuing to be a part of the ZDK family.

ADDED 4/6/16:  Sensei Campos just returned from Houston, TX where he attended Brianna Gifford's wedding.  Her father Bob Gifford is the most senior member of the ZDK and began his training in 1969 with Sensei Campos.  He directs the Safety America organization in Houston and has remained a loyal & supportive ZDK member for the last 47 years.  It was great to have a chance to see all our TX friends on this visit. While in TX we stayed with Shawn & Heidi Vicknair, one of Mr. Gifford's senior student's and the owner of Lone Star Karate (ZDK Affiliate School) in Richmond, TX.  Sensei Campos also had the opportunity to spend an hour instructing drills with the Krav Maga class at the Richmond club.  Many thanks to the Vicknair's for their hospitality!  Sensei will be in TX in October for the Safety America testing & tournament weekend.

ADDED 3/22/16 It has been a busy month with travel to Georgia & Florida from 3/2-3/14.  Mr. Campos had an opportunity to spend a couple of days with one of our 2nd generation senior ranks, Mr. Joel Kirch, in Brunswick, GA.  He retired from the U.S. Marshal's Service and is now instructing at FLETC (Federal Law-Enforcement Training Center).  We had a great visit and tour of the facility plus got to see a lot of Jekyll & St. Simond's Islands.  We also visited Ms. Susan Jackson in Orlando where we had an opportunity to teach a women's self-defense program at Florida Hospital.  Many thanks to both Joel & Susan for their hospitality.  The rest of our stay was R & R! 

On 3/18 Mr. Campos was interviewed for a new web-based martial arts magazine.  As soon as it goes live we will post the link.  On 3/19 Mr. Campos attended Ms. Vicki Gillen's Copper City Championships in Rome, NY.  As always it was a well-run and efficient event with a lot of exciting competition.  3/20 saw Mr. Campos travel to Hamilton, NY to attend the 20th Annual Colgate University Karate Tournament directed by Mr. Bob Pinney.  It was great to see a lot of the ZDK instructors from the Rome event in attendance and, while a smaller event, it was efficiently run and friendly.  Mr. Tom Arcuri was the sparring Grand Champion.  He is superb at controlling the pace and flow of a match while conserving his energy.  He is also one of the few competitors out there who has a very effective side kick. 

CONGRATULATIONS to MR. BOB PINNEY on being awarded his Rokudan (6th) dan at the tournament by Mr. Campos.  He started training in another system in 1983 and affiliated with the ZDK in 1985.  His last promotion was in 2008.  He has been a very active ZDK member and has hosted many seminars, testings, and other events at the Colgate University and Sherburne, NY clubs.  When Super Summer Seminars was held at Colgate he was instrumental in taking care of any bumps in the road that occurred over those ten years.  This was a well deserved advancement to a loyal and dedicated ZDK member.


CONGRATULATIONS to the three members of the Zen-Do Kai who were awarded advanced Black Belt rank certification at a test held at the Johnstown ZDK club.  Advancing in rank to 2nd degree black belt was Rachel Bailey. Rachel started training at the ZDK in 2007 and is an English teacher at the Gloversville Enlarged School District.  She assists with classes at the Johnstown club.  Bonnie Streeter, co-owner/instructor at the Johnstown ZDK club, was elevated to 4th degree black belt.  Bonnie started karate at the ZDK in 1992 and her last promotion was in 2004. Bonnie runs the business end of the Johnstown studio and instructs the children’s program. She works at GE in Schenectady.  Both women train under Bob Streeter, 6th Dan and Chief Instructor of the Johnstown club.  Bob Streeter also holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Iaido (Japanese Sword) and has trained in the Chinese art of Tai-Chi.Advancing in rank to Rokudan (6th degree black belt) was Brian Cox, Founder and Chief Instructor of the Cherry Valley, NY ZDK club.  Brian began his martial arts training as a child in 1970 and joined the Cobleskill, NY ZDK in 1987.  Over the last 20 years he has expanded his knowledge of martial arts by training in other arts, including; Brazillian JuJitsu under Prof. Bruno Tostes and in Filipino Kali under Kuya Doug Marcaida. He will be testing for his 1st degree black belt in Aikido under Shihan Irvin Faust this summer. Brian is a social studies teacher at Cherry valley Central School.

SPECIAL THANKS to the board members in attendance including;  Keith Stevenson, Cobleskill, NY ZDK; Heath Waterman, WMA, Oneida, NY; Sam Anagnostopoulos, CNY, Syracuse, NY; Dave & Lisa Guccione, Canton, NY ZDK; Harry Tomlinson & Arlene Brown, Johnstown, NY ZDK.  Other Black belts in attendance to Uke included: Taryn Sedon & Richard Schuyler, as well as several brown belts from the Johnstown studio.


ADDED 2/17/16:  We just completed our 2015 Top Schools Awards.  We would like to thank all of our member clubs for your support over the past year.  Here are the recipients for 2015:






ADDED 2/15/16:   Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Brooks on another successful event on 2/7.  Mr. Campos was away and missed the event but received this update from Larry Brooks: 

Mr C, Our tournament went well, with few glitches and ran smoothly. As always we had a great supporting cast. Sensei Vicki Gillen, Tom Arcuri and my son did great on coordinating.  We had about 185 competitors and 20 schools attending. Our ZDK supporters included Mr. and Mrs. Streeter Johnstown ZDK, Mr Cox and Mr Stevenson Cherry Valley/Cobleskill ZKD,  Troy Rodman Cortland Bailey’s, Mr. Pinney Colgate ZDK, Roland LaVigne Red Dragon/Eight Star, Mr. Waterman Waterman’s MA and the staff from Bailey’s Herkimer and Rome.  We hit our deadlines, to have the Kyu ranks done by 1:00/1:30 then the Blackbelts done and cleaned up by 4:00. We missed you and also missed Mr Melander, seemed strange without either of you.  Our Grand’s were Corey Brown Oneida Karate – Kata, Camryn O’Donnell Phi Sung Martial Arts – Women’s Fighting and for the 3rd straight year Luke Donnenwirth Bailey’s Herkimer – Men’s Fighting  Again, a bunch of thanks to the ZDK organization for all their help and loyal support.

Larry and Laura Brooks

ADDED 2/5/16:   CONGRATULATIONS to Shihan Chris Malley on taking over the reins at the Galway Karate Club (NY) from GM Paul Munchback who is going to have an opportunity to relax and spend more time with his new wife.  Sensei Campos & Tom Greco had the honor of being invited to his retirement event in Galway last night along with several instructors from the past including, the founders of the Galway club, Joe & Theresa Sagarese.  Sensei Campos congratulated Mr. Malley & spoke about the early competitions and Mr. Munchback's famous broom kata.  We wish Mr. Munchback the best as he embarks on this new chapter in his life & hope Mr. Malley has great success in his new position as Chief Instructor of the Galway Karate Club.

ADDED 1/19/16:  Wow...2016 snuck up on us rapidly.  We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas & New Year but now it is time to get energized for the remainder of 2016.  On Dec. 5, 2015 Sensei Campos instructed a Brown/Black Belt class in Johnstown covering the revised ZDK System curriculum.  It was great to have ZDK Instructors Mr. Brian Cox (Cherry Valley, NY ZDK), Keith Stevenson (Cobleskill, NY ZDK), Dave & Lisa Guccione (Canton, NY ZDK), Bonnie Streeter (Johnstown, NY ZDK) and several other brn/blk belts participating.  On Dec. 9, 2015, Sensei Campos & Tom Greco had the honor of visiting Mr. Pinney's PAK club in Sherburne, NY for testing.  Congratulations to everyone who tested successfully!  On Dec. 23, 2015 Sensei Campos visited the Johnstown ZDK to assist with an in-school pre-test.  And finally, on Jan. 16, 2016, Sensei Campos instructed the first ZDK System Brn/Blk class on ZDK Curriculum of the new year.  Instructors in attendance included; Mr. Brian Cox (Cherry Valley, NY ZDK), Mr. Bob Pinney (Sherburne, NY PAK), Mr. Heath Waterman (Oneida, NY WMA), Mr. & Mrs Bob Streeter (Johnstown, NY ZDK) and several other brn/blk belts from their clubs.  We were especially pleased to have our good friend and excellent Goju practitioner, Mr. Kevin Suggs from Westchester, NY come up to sweat and catch up with some old friends. Many thanks to all our members and ZDK System & Affiliated club instructors for supporting our efforts to maintain high standards in our training.  We look forward to an exciting and active 2016!



ADDED 11/16/15:  SENSEI CAMPOS' visit to the N-NY ZDK organization this weekend was a huge success.  Congratulations to Anna Hardiman & Rebecca Miller from Ms. Malik's Forest Spirit martial Arts club of Potsdam on achieving Shodan rank at testing on Fri.  Two more ZDK Warriors have joined the ranks of Blacks belts from N-NY.  Also achieving 4th dan rank, Bruce Kenna & Sam Anagnostopoulos of Mr. Guccione's Canton, NY ZDK club.  On Sat. morning Sensei Campos instructed children's & adult seminars in the morning and Hanshi John Therrien, Director of the WKF came in from Ottawa, CA to present a JuJitsu seminar to the adults.  The seminars were packed with a very enthusiastic group of students and instructors, including several from area clubs not affiliated with the ZDK.  Special thanks and appreciation goes out to all of the participants, esp. the N-NY club instructors Mr. Brown, Mr. Perry, Mr. Pepe, Mr. & Mrs. Guccione, Ms. Malik, & Mr. Secore (who is recovering from a serious hand injury).  We appreciated that Mr. Brian Cox, Chief Instructor of the Cherry Valley, NY ZDK, traveled up to Massena to participate in the seminars. The day ended with a great dinner in the evening.

WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT NEWS:  We received a $200 donation from Sempai Bert Campbell who trains with Mr. Secore at the Malone, NY ZDK that we just sent to the WWP.  This is ourt 1st 2016 donation and brings our grand total since 2007 to $104,326.21.  THANK YOU!

FINALLY, we would like to wish Sensei Jeff Melander success as he heads off to Texas to assist Mr. Gifford at his Safety America clubs.  This was an opportunity he could not refuse.  He will be leaving after Thanksgiving and his Red Dragon Karate School in Ballston Spa will be placed in the capable hands of his student, Roland Lavigne. Congratulations!!!


ADDED 10/25/15Greetings, it has been awhile since we last updated our news.  Sensei Campos spent a lot of the summer & fall traveling and attending events.  In late August he visited Mr. Melander's club in Ballston Spa, NY to participate in a pre-test. In early Sept. he attended Tom Greco's son's wedding and had a chance to reconnect with some of the "old" ZDK warriors...we are talking mid-1970's first generation black belts, including:  Rick Bowne, Steve Holden, Vinnie Rizzio, Ed Taglialatela, and making an appearance after about 15 years, Ed Donnelly!  It was great to see everyone!  In Mid-Sept. he was back at Mr. Melander's for an in-house black belt test for his long time student, Carol Vaughn.  It was great to see Tony & Shawn Irvin on hand, as well as, another old ZDK member, Mr. Paul Munchback.  Congratulations to Carol on successfully testing for 4th Dan.

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Arcuri, Chief Instructor at Bailey's Karate, Herkimer, NY on being promoted to 7th Dan.  Sensei Campos was in Florida on his official promotion date but prepared a video message for the audience.  Sensei Arcuri has been a loyal and supportive ZDK member for three decades.  We were honored to elevate him to his new rank.  Sensei Campos attended his tournament on 10/24/15 and was able to publically announce his promotion for those who were unaware of his advancement.

Another early ZDK black belt member, Louie Velez is back in the area.  He has spent the last 20 or so years in Las Vegas doing a Sammy Davis Jr. tribute show that gained national attention.  Louie performed last night (10/24) at our local performing arts center and Sensei Campos, Tom Greco & wives attended the show.  It was a really great show and we had a chance to reconnect with Louie after the show.

So now we are almost into Nov. and Sensei Campos is looking forward to another busy Fall starting with his bi-annual visit to the N-NY ZDK clubs for black belt testing and seminars.  All are welcome - see our calendar page for details.

As we get ready to close out another exciting year for the ZDK, we would like to thank everyone for supporting the events organized by our members and for being a part of, or a friend of, the ZDK!

ADDED 7/31/15:  Where is the summer going!  Catching up on news, Sensei Campos held a ZDK Brown & Black Belt class on Sat. June 13 at the Johnstown, NY ZDK and everyone got a good sweat up.  This was the final Brn/Blk class until the fall.  On Wed. 6/24 Sensei Campos & Mr. Tom Greco traveled to Sherburne, NY to attend testing at Sensei Bob Pinney's club.  It was great to meet the students.  Congratulations to the candidates on successfully testing for their next rank. 

SUPER SUMMERS:  Mr. Tom Arcuri did another fantastic job organizing and directing the 33rd Annual Super Summer Seminars Martial Arts Camp at Herkimer County Community College on the weekend of July 24-26.  Special guest instructors Hanshi John Therien from Canada & Kyoshi Dave Kovar from California were on hand with 20 other instructors for a weekend of training, networking, and camaraderie.  We are especially pleased that there was a very large ZDK contingent on hand to participate.  If you missed the camp then you may be unaware of the BIG NEWS that next year Super Summers will combine with the World Kobudo Federation Convention and will be held in Rochester, NY in May of 2016.  This will be a huge event with many instructors and students coming from Europe and other countries.  See our Calendar page for updates. 

Sensei Campos has an extremely busy August and Fall season with travel and events through mid-November.  He looks forward to seeing many ZDK members at various events.

We would like to welcome Mr. Panagiotis Bampalis from Greece as a ZDK member.  He is a 3rd Dan under Michael Kossivakis.  Have a great August everyone!

 ADDED 6/10/15:  SENSEI CAMPOS was invited to attend testing at Waterman's Martial Arts in Oneida, NY on Sun 6/7.  Also in attendance was Mr. Bob Pinney & Rick Rinaldo (PAK) and Mr. Tom Greco (HQ).  Many thanks to Mr. Heath Waterman for his hospitality and congratulations to the test candidates.

 ADDED 4/28/15:  SENSEI CAMPOS had the honor of visiting and instructing the N-NY ZDK group in Malone, NY on 4/24-26.  The weekend began with a special Instructor only class on Friday evening.  This was an opportunity to share idea's and discuss curriculum in order to evaluate the program.  On Saturday morning and afternoon he presented seminars for children & adults.  As always, he is grateful for the hospitality of the N-NY ZDK members and for the hard work everyone is doing to continue to spread the ZDK system in Malone (Mr. Secore), Massena (Mr. Perry & Mr. Pepe), Canton (Mr. & Mrs. Guccione), & Potsdam (Ms. Malik), NY.  Many thanks to Mr. Ron Brown for setting up the visit.


ADDED 4/23/15:  Congratulations to Mr. Bob Pinney & Mrs. Vicki Gillen on having successful tournaments.  Mr. Campos was basking in the Florida sunshine for Mr. Pinney's  Colgate University event and, unfortunately, had to attend a wake & funeral on the weekend of Mrs. Gillen's Rome, NY event.  While in FL he had the opportunity to visit Ms. Susan Jackson in Orlando and, as always, had a good time.

In Feb, Mar, & April Mr. Campos ran Brown & Black Belt classes for ZDK System students and the Instructors that participate in official ZDK testing.  Many thanks to Mr. Streeter & Mrs. Streeter for the use of HQ in Johnstown and for the participants at these training sessions.  Mr. Campos hopes to organize at least one more class before summer is in full swing.

ADDED 2/13/15 We are pleased to announce that the Winter Warrior Weekend recently held in Canton, NY by the Canton ZDK club raised $550 for the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).  This was the 2nd donation made by Mr. & Mrs. Guccione for 2015 and brings our total since 2007 to $101,226.21...fantastic.  We hope every club gets involved this year.  Remember that all donations must be sent to HQ by Veteran's Day.  Individual donations are welcome or donate through your club.  Please be sure all donation checks are made out to:  Wounded Warrior Project.  Here is the link to the article on the event in the Canton, NY newspaper:


ADDED 2/4/15:  CONGRATULATIONS to Larry & Laura Brooks on a successful 22nd year of organizing the Friendship Tournament in W. Winfield, NY.  They are also celebrating their 30th Anniversary of the Brooks Karate Club.  Sensei Campos presented them with a certificate recognizing their accomplishment.  As always the event was held on Super Bowl Sunday but everyone was on their way home for the big game by 3:30 pm.  The day ran smoothly thanks to all the black belts who came to assist and compete.  As always, the coordinators, Vicki Gillen, Tom Arcuri, & Larry Brooks, IV, kept things running smoothly and efficiently.  It is evident that there is a new generation rising among some of the younger black belts in attendance.  We suppose that after two-plus decades of running the event, along with the steady support of many senior ZDK members, a well-run friendly event would be the result.  Continued success to the Brooks'.

ADDED 1/18/15:   We are gearing up for another busy year of ZDK events, seminars, and activities.  To stay informed of current upcoming events visit the ZDK Calendar page.  Our first event for ZDK System (& Test Approved) members is a Brown & Black Belt class next Sun. Jan. 25.  Our next ZDK Sanctioned event is the tournament run by Larry & Laura Brooks in W. Winfield, NY on 2/1/15.  We would like to thank all of our members for their continued support of the ZDK and the events organized by our members.  The ZDK continues to be open to anyone interested in being a part of a select group of dedicated instructors and clubs and has been serving the martial arts community and serving our members since 1969.  We look forward to seeing you in 2015!


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