ADDED 12/27/10This will be our last news post of 2010.  As we enter the second decade of the 21st century we hope that everyone had a fantastic 2010 and that you are looking forward to an even better 2011.  We would like to thank every member for your support of the ZDK, your commitment to training, and your loyalty to your club.  Make a resolution now to be a better martial artist by personally training harder.  Keep in mind that martial arts is not done alone.  Be willing to assist others to achieve their goals, so that there will be people there to assist you to achieve your goals.  Let's make 2011 the best year yet.  Happy New Year!

ADDED 11/20/10 We have just sent our final ZDK Assn. donation to the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT.  Per our last email notification to instructors, Veteran's Day was the deadline to complete club events and/or submit donations.  We waited an addl. week for any donations to arrive via mail.  ANY DONATIONS WE RECEIVE AFTER TODAY WILL BE SENT AS PART OF OUR 2011 EFFORT.

Our WWP total for 2010 was $9,973.46 and our total since 2007 IS $61,122.46.  This is a list of the totals donated by ZDK instructors/clubs:  Greg Sullivan/Iona College: $25;  Gail Tolley/Cap. Dist. M.A: $50;  Sam Anagnostopoulos/CNY-ZDK: $250;  Dave & Lisa Guccione/Canton, NY-ZDK: $475;  Bob Pinney/PAK: $903.46;  Anonymous ZDK Instructor: $1,000;  Cheri Langdon/Andre Secore/Malone, NY-ZDK: $1,253;  Tom Arcuri/SSS: $1,370;  Glenn Ward/Siena College: $2,200;  Bob & Bonnie Streeter/Johnstown, NY-ZDK: $2,247 and a $200 donation from Mr. Gonzales, an instructor in TX, who is not a ZDK member.

We would like to sincerely thank every instructor & member who participated in this year's effort on behalf of the WWP.  We believe in this effort and look forward to seeing how well we can do in 2011...Thank you!

ADDED 11/16/10:  Mr. Campos, Mr. Greco, & Mrs. Streeter were part of the Staff Development Day at Broadalbin-Perth HS, Broadalbin, NY on Fri. 11/12.  They instructed 40 minute segments on personal protection to school staff.  This was a fun morning and the participants were enthusiastic.  The second class saw Mr. Wayne Bell, a black belt in Kenpo and BP Middle School principal, participate in the session.  Mr. Campos has done presentations as a public service for local schools and numerous organizations for over 35 years.

On Sat. 11/13, Mr. Charlie Moore & Mr. Tom Arcuri presented an 8 hour EDS Street Defense seminar at Bailey's Karate in Herkimer, NY.  The event was coordinated by Mr. Campos and had 43 participants from as far as PA.  The curriculum for the day, including the warm-up session, focused on effective tactics and techniques against an assailant on the street. The feedback from the participants has been extremely positive and there will be another training day tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.


ADDED 11/8/10:  Congratulations to Mr. Tom Arcuri on hosting another very efficient and fun tournament on Sat. 11/6 at Herkimer County Community College, Herkimer, NY.  As always, the help and assistance of a huge number of black belts helped to keep the event running smoothly.  We saw many new faces and lots of ZDK members in attendance.  Mr. Bob Streeter of the ZDK HQ club in Johnstown was honored to receive the award for Most Supportive SchoolLarry Brooks, Vicki Gillen, Dave Bruce and others helped to organize another great day of competition.  It would be impossible to list the names of all the senior ranks that worked hard all day to help the competitors have a good experience - they deserve accolades for their effort.

ADDED 10/26/10:   On Sat. 10/23 Mr. Campos, Mr. Tomlinson, & Mr. Greco travelled to Oneida, NY to attend testing at Mr. Heath Waterman's WMA club.  We want to congratulate the students who tested on doing a great job.  Once testing ended, we had an opportunity to pre-test Ethan Waterman from WMA and Taro Hudson from Mr Bob Pinney's PAK club.  We want to thank Mr. Waterman and his members form hosting our visit and wish them all continued success in their training.  Note to anyone planning to test for Black Belt in March of 2011, we plan to organize two-three pre-test opportunities in Johnstown beginning in late Nov. or early Dec.  Please watch the Calendar Page & your email for information.

ADDED 10/20/10:   On Tues. 10/19 Sensei Campos, Mr. Tomlinson, & Mr. Greco travelled to Colgate University in Hamilton, NY to present a class on Self-Defense to Colgate students and to instruct the students at Mr. Bob Pinney's club at Colgate.  Both classes were enthusiastic and motivated and were a pleasure to teach.  The program was organized by Mr. Bob Pinney, who is the director of the martial arts programs at Colgate.  A highlight of the evening was the presentation of a check for $903.46 to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  Many thanks to Mr. Pinney for his hospitality and for his effort on behalf of the WWP.  We are hoping that we will be able to meet our goal of raising in excess of $60,000, since beginning our effort in 2007, by this Veteran's Day.  Pinney's American Karate has resulted in a current total of over $57,000 and we have several clubs that are currently working on WWP fund-raising projects.  Thank you all!

ADDED 10/5/10 Many thanks to Mr. Bob & June Gifford of Safety America Karate and the TX ZDK clubs for hosting Sensei Campos from Thurs, 9/30 until Mon, 10/4 in Sugar Land, TX.  Mr. Campos was privileged to attend testing.  It was great to see all five candidates successfully achieve their new rank.  He also had a fantastic turnout for his seminar on Fri. evening and was on hand at the tournament on Sat.  Mr. Gifford operates one of the most successful martial arts organizations in the Houston area.  It was great to touch bases with so many of the black belts and instructors who help to make the TX ZDK so special.  Bob Ryan, Dose, Kwai Chang, Todd Kelly, Bill Hickl and everyone else - Thank you all for a great trip!

ADDED 9/27/10:  CONGRATULATIONS to KEN LABARGE on successfully achieving his Shodan rank this past weekend.  Ken has trained for 7 years under the direction of Mr. Perry & Mr. Pepe at the Massena, NY ZDK.  Ken is a Sgt. with the Massena Police Department.  The test was part of a weekend of testing and seminars organized annually by Mr. Ron Brown and the N-NY ZDK organization.  Mr. Campos was in attendance to oversee testing and present children's & adult seminars.  Participants were on hand from Massena, Malone, Canton, Potsdam, Syracuse, and other upstate clubs.  Many thanks to club instructors Ms. Langdon, Ms. Malik, Mr. Anagnostopoulis, Mr. Bass, Mr. Brown, Mr. Pepe, Mr. Perry, Mr. Secore, and the other instructors, black belts, and students who were on hand to train.  Mr. Campos recognized Mr. Dave Nadeau, one of the Massena club black belts, for his long-time effort to promote the Massena club in the media and for creating a video history of N-NY karate and the ZDK organization.  Mr. Campos would like to thank the N-NY clubs, instructors, and members for their many years of loyalty and effort on behalf of the ZDK.


WHO REMEMBERS ANDRE DUMORTIER?  HE WAS ONE OF OUR 1ST JR. BLACK BELTS IN JOHNSTOWN.  HE SENT US THIS MESSAGE IN AUGUST THAT WE JUST FOUND ON THE COMPUTER AND THOUGHT WE WOULD SHARE:  "Hello Sensei,  I have been looking at the zdkusa.com website catching up on the news of the association and see if I recognize any names.  After seeing some testimonials about ZDK, I felt like sending a quick note to let folks know of the impact ZDK (and Sensei Campos) have had on me, and some memories I have of training at ZDK.  I began training at the old Main Street studio in 1976 as small 8 year old.  I remember coming on Saturday mornings in the dead of winter when the floor was ice cold, and Vinnie Rizzio turning on the lights with a stick with a nail in it.  I remember when testing used to occur in the summer and the floor got slippery with sweat.  I remember looking up to the black belts - Vinnie Rizzio, Steve Holden, Craig Corato, Rick Bowne, Tom Greco, Joel Kirch, Becky Smith, Ginny Grasso.  What has become of these folks?  I remember the private lesson rooms and the old dressing room with a small shower in it.  I remember the renovations when the windows were put in the hallway for folks to see in.  I remember the summer picnics at the Corato's farm, and challenging Ed Tagliatela to a one handed pushup contest.  I remember going to tournaments and demos at the mall.  But more than anything I remember the commanding presence of Sensei Campos and how you didn't want to disappoint him.
Mr. Campos was a large influence in my career choice as a teacher.  I remember how he had me start teaching at 14 years old (teaching adults nonetheless) and starting a juniors class at Fonda Fultonville school.  He taught me how to run and set up a class, and how to command the respect of the class participants.  These are things I still follow to this day (I have been teaching Science and coaching wrestling at Brunswick High School in Brunswick, GA since 1995.)  
Just wanted to thank you for being an influence on my upbringing, and that things I learned 30 years ago I still follow today."
Andre' DuMortier
Brunswick High School
Brunswick, GA

ADDED 9/23/10 WWP NEWS:  KIRK HOLMES, a former ZDK member, an officer now serving in Afghanistan, recently held an event in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project in Schoharie County while home on leave.  Read about his effort here:  http://timesjournalonline.com/details.asp?id=42794

DAVE & LISA GUCCIONE, of the Canton, NY ZDK, are currently on a two month tour of the west and are having a great time seeing the National Parks, etc.  You can read about their trip by going to their blog:  http://daveandlisasadventures.blogspot.com/  Dave recently sent me a YouTube clip of Spencer Paige in an MMA fight.  Spencer was a student at the Canton club and was awarded a Junior Black Belt in the ZDK several years ago.  He has gone on to embrace MMA training and is doing very well.  See him perform:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knaEqFVJrE0

SENSEI CAMPOS was invited by the Johnstown, NY Police Dept. to assist Officer Mike Nellis with a presentation on personal safety at Lexington Center in Johnstown yesterday.  The presentation focused on helping Lexington clients to be familiar with safety precautions on the street, when traveling and shopping, and in their homes.  Sensei Campos has been involved in working with the JPD and other agencies since the 1970's.  He has always done these programs as a community service.

ADDED 9/12/10:   CONGRATULATIONS to MATTHEW PATRICK of Greene Dragon Martial Arts in Greene, NY on achieving black belt rank at a test yesterday.  Board members for the testing were Mr. Campos, Mr. Tomlinson, & Mrs. Streeter and Ms. Cathie Bagnall (GDMA Founder).  Mr. John Pezzino, GDMA Chief Instructor, was a wonderful host and coordinated the seminar on Kata that Mr. Campos instructed prior to testing.  Also on hand to participate in the seminar was Mr. Heath Waterman, Chief Instructor of WMA in Oneida, NY.  Many thanks to everyone at GDMA who participated in the seminar and assisted on the test.

ADDED 8/26/10:   CONGRATULATIONS to Don DeWitt on the publication of his second book entitled, "Former Marine's Unbroken Spirit."  Don is a black belt ZDK member from Cortland, OH.  He has also written a book entitled, "Traditional Shotokan Karate-Do" which we noted on this news page about a year ago.  Don's latest book is autobiographical but he mentions Mr. Campos, the ZDK, and his experiences at Super Summers.  His books are available through:  iUniverse.com, Barnes & Noble.com, or Amazon.com.  You can check out information on his books at:  www.home.rr.com/donbudo

ADDED 8/2/10:   CONGRATULATIONS to Alex French (newly minted Black Belt) & Kayla  Riley on their recent wedding in the village park in Potsdam, NY.  We heard it was a wonderful outdoor ceremony with perfect weather, and an obviously happy couple.  Reception followed at a local restaurant and lasted till late hours.  ZDK Instructors & members Lisa and Dave Guccione, Ron and Phyllis Brown, Brian, Linda and Blaze Cox, Gerry and Vince Perry, Bruce Kenna,  and Gary and Jennifer Balaban attended.

Congratulations to Brian Cox on his recent celebration of reaching the half-century mark!!!

ADDED 6/26/10:   WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT UPDATE:  We are pleased to note that Mr. Tom Arcuri forwarded the WWP raffle donation held at Super Summers.  The SSS donation totaled $1,370 which makes our four year donation to the WWP $55,214.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle.    

Message from newly minted Godan, Rick Eierdam from TX"Sensei, Still limping around a little but then again when havenít I limped around.  Thanks so much for your comments, support and faith in us.  I had a great teacher in Sensei Gifford who helped me tremendously in getting ready for this test.  Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Geret (Channy) were also critical to my success.  Though I think Channy enjoyed running me through pre-tests way too much (probably for all the years I did it to her!).  I would just like to say that I really enjoy testing up at Super Summers.   I believe it is the Roman Coliseum (using Sensei Giffordís gladiator references) of ZDK tests.  Sensei Gifford always prepares us well but pushes to a special level for going before the board at Super Summers.  I want to thank Sensei Gifford and yourself for having the faith in me to test there and for allowing me to test there.  Thanks again to both of you for all that you have done for me and for the positive influence you have had on my life.  Rick"

We certainly appreciate Mr. Eierdam's comments and were impressed with his performance on his test.  No an easy thing to do at any age, never mind 58.  Every candidate  at SSS demonstrated heart, dedication, and determination.  Congratulations again!

ADDED 6/21/10:  Congratulations to Tom Arcuri on his third year of directing Super Summer Seminars (7/16-7/18).  This was the second year the event was held at Herkimer County Community College and staff and participants totaled over 220 dedicated martial artists from all over the country.  Mr. Arcuri has done an excellent job of continuing the traditions established over the 28 year history of SSS.  His "special guest" instructor, Relson Gracie, was a great addition to the list of martial arts luminaries that have contributed to the success of the camp.  As always, testing took place on Fri morning at Mr. Arcuri's Herkimer, NY dojo.  This year we had 5 candidates and a huge number of senior black belts on hand to assist and judge. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO:  ALEX FRENCH (SHODAN) from Mr. & Mrs. Guccione's Canton, NY ZDK school;  ARLENE BROWN (SANDAN) from Mr. & Mrs. Streeter's Johnstown, NY ZDK dojo;  and SHAWN VICKNAIR (YODAN), RICK EIERDAM & BILL HICKL (GODAN) from Mr. Bob Gifford's Safety America school in Sugar Land, TX.  Special thanks to everyone who participated as a board member or assistant on the tests, as well as the many people who showed up to support the candidates.  It was great to have Mr. Joel Kirch on hand after a two year absence.

With 20 instructors and a myriad of classes to choose from, SSS is a unique opportunity to spend a weekend immersed in training.  But, as they say, "all work and no play" is not an apt description of Super Summers.  Consequently, the tradition of the Cobb Olympics continued with several teams competing late into the night on Sat. under the supervision of Ms. Susan Jackson from Traditional Martial Arts in Orlando, FL.  With a room filled with spectators supporting their favorite team, the competitors fiercely tried to outdo their opponents.  But, as in all competitive events, someone had to win the gold medal.  Congratulations go to Bob Pinney & Rick Rinaldo on achieving a hard won victory.  Mr. Kirch did a wonderful job of opening and closing the ceremonies with speeches that awed the audience.  Our only question is, why did Master Gracie have to take that Barbie doll with him at the end of the evening?

It was great to have an opportunity to spend time with our extended ZDK family and we are looking forward to the 29th camp already.

 ADDED 6/20/10:  Happy Father's Day to all of you who fit into that category!  Mr. Campos has returned from a fantastic 6,000 mile road trip to Colorado & Utah where he and Mrs. Campos had the opportunity to visit 7 Nat'l Parks.  They learned that "America the Beautiful" was inspired by a visit to the top of Pike's Peak.  They could see why!

We spoke to Mr. Brown while away and, much to everyone's relief, he is on the mend after having by-pass surgery.  We look forward to seeing RB fully recovered very soon and thank him for his efforts on behalf of the ZDK for many years in the N-NY region.

If you have not registered for Super Summer Seminars, time is running out.  This year we expect another capacity crowd of enthusiastic participants from all over the country.  Check out www.super-summer-seminars.com to see who is instructing and to register online.

ADDED 5/20/10:  Mr. Campos, Mrs. Streeter, & Mr. Tom Greco were at the 11th Annual Sister to Sister conference held at Fulton-Montgomery Community College in Johnstown, NY on Tues, May 17 to present a series of classes on self-defense for the participants.  S2S is held annually for approx. 200 middle school girls from schools in a three county area.  We have been presenters every year since the program began and always receive high ratings from the participants.  Many thanks to Bonnie and Tom for attending and assisting.

 ADDED 5/17/10 On Friday evening 5/14, Mr. Campos had the privilege of attending the Bailey's Karate Black Belt Spectacular held at the Rome Free Academy in Rome, NY.  As always, the show was entertaining and showcased the talents and accomplishments of the new black belts from Vicki Gillen's Rome, NY & Tom Arcuri's Herkimer, NY Bailey's schools.  Congratulations to the 37 new black belts from those two clubs.  We have seen many of them in competition and they have all worked hard to achieve their goals in the martial arts.  Ms. Gillen presented Mr. Campos with a plaque honoring his leadership of the ZDK, but the highlight of the evening was the recognition of Ms. Gillen for her 36 years of teaching and training as one of the very first women in the region to instruct martial arts on a full-time basis.  In recognition of her accomplishments and support and loyalty to the ZDK, Mr. Campos was honored to award her the rank of 7th Dan.  We would like to congratulate Ms. Gillen on her tremendous success and contributions to the arts!

ADDED 5/5/10:  Sensei Campos paid a visit to Ms. Susan Jackson's Traditional Martial Arts Club in Orlando, FL on Mon. evening 5/3.  He was in FL on personal business and Ms. Jackson invited him to come in for a surprise class for her members.  It was great to work with everyone again and to get a chance to relax after class with several of her members.  Many thanks to Ms. Jackson for her hospitality.

NEW ZDK MEMBER:  We would like to welcome Sensei Greg Sullivan into the ZDK family.  He instructs USA Goju at Iona College & lives in White Plains, NY.  He is an associate of Sensei Daniele and Sensei Suggs.  We look forward to working with Sensei Sullivan and thank him for choosing the ZDK.

ADDED 4/27/10:  Congratulations to Mr. Joel Kirch on his recent Director's Award from the US Marshal's Service which was presented at a ceremony attended by Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States.  Mr. Kirch, an original student of Mr. Gifford, has been a ZDK member for approx. 35 years.  Mr. Kirch also is the leader of the USMS Pipe & Drum Corp.  Check out these pictures:


ADDED 4/26/10The N-NY ZDK organization's annual testing/seminar/banquet weekend was a huge success.  The weekend started out with Sam Anagnostopoulis testing successfully for Nidan rank.  Sam is a student of Mr. Guccione's Canton, NY ZDK club and also instructs a small club of his own in Cicero, NY.  On Sat. morning Sensei Campos taught a one hour seminar for kids of all ranks and ages.  A 2.5 hour adult seminar took place in the afternoon.  Both seminars were well attended and very well received.  Sat. evening we were all at the Malone, NY Country Club for the awards banquet.  Congratulations to all the award recipients. The weekend events were organized by Cheri Langdon and we want to thank her for an excellent series of events.  Mr. Campos truly appreciates the support shown by the N-NY clubs over the years.  It was great to see all of the instructors & black belts including, Mr. Bass, Mr. & Mrs. Brown, Mr. Castaldo, Mr. Germano, Mr. & Mrs. Guccione, Mr. Kenna, Ms. Malik, Mr. Nadeau Mr. Pepe, Mr. Perez, Mr. Perry, Mr. Premo, Mr. Quimby, & Mr. Secore.  The N-NY ZDK has been in operation for 35 years and has developed into a strong family of instructors and students.  Sensei Campos is always honored to be invited to teach such a dedicated and loyal group.

ADDED 4/17/10:   Sensei Campos and his wife, Anne, took their annual trip south beginning Mar. 31.  They made a stop in Washington, DC to spend a day with their daughter and see the Cherry Blossoms.  They also managed to get together with Mr. Kirch for dinner.  After spending a week on the beach, they headed to Orlando to visit Ms. Susan Jackson.  Sensei had an opportunity to present two seminars on Sat. 4/10 at her Traditional Martial Arts club.  The first session was for her students and the afternoon training was a woman's self-defense presentation.  As always, the TMA students and Ms. Jackson were fantastic hosts.  Many of the students stayed through the afternoon to assist with the class which was a huge help.  A note of appreciation to Tom McNaney, a TMA member, who worked extremely hard to organize the women's class.  A highlight of the visit was the hour-long pontoon boat ride to a party that evening.  It took us through a chain of lakes that were surrounded by houses of several famous sports stars and important business people in Orlando.  On the way back around 10 pm, we were able to clearly see the fireworks over Disney World.  Many thanks to Richard (Ms Jackson's supervisor at Health Central) and his wife for allowing us to tag along on the party barge and enjoy a great evening!

ADDED 3/29/10This was a very busy and productive weekend.  ZDK Bi-Annual Black Belt Testing took place Sat. at the ZDK HQ studio in Johnstown, NY and the dojo was packed with family and friends of the candidates.  There was also a phenomenal number of black belts and assistants in attendance to help in the testing.  CONGRATULATIONS TO NEW ZDK SHODANS:  KATHLEEN JOHNSON from Mr. Glenn Ward's Kensho-Do Karate club in Albany, NY;  BECKY EWALT & MAUREEN TAGLIAFIERRO from Mr. Jeff Melander's Red Dragon Karate in Ballston Spa, NY;  RICK RINALDO from Mr. Bob Pinney's PAK club in Sherburne, NY.  and SANDAN CANDIDATE:  IAN SANTANGELO from the Bob & Bonnie Streeter's Johnstown, NY ZDK dojo.  each of these candidates and their instructors attended the pre-test trainings that were offered at HQ in Johnstown.  Many thanks to the senior program instructors & the many black belts that assisted at those events and/or attended testing as a board member or assistant including:  Cathie Bagnall, Arlene Card, Dave Castaldo, Brian Cox, Chad Farrington, Tom Greco, Dave & Lisa Guccione, Taro Hudson, Shawn & Tony Irvin, Gennady Julien, Roland Lavigne, Jeremy Osborne, John Pezzino, Richard Schuyler, Harry Tomlinson, Ethan & Heath Waterman, Steve Youngs, and several others.  All in all this was an amazing day for the ZDK!

"WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT" NEWS:  Mr. Glenn Ward recently coordinated an event in Albany, NY to raise funds for the WWP and he presented Mr. Campos with checks totaling $2,200 at testing this Sat.  Our 2010 total is now $2,650 and since 2007 the ZDK has donated $53,799 to the WWP.

On Sunday we were at the ROME, NY TOURNAMENT directed by Vicki Gillen.  After 27 years of running this event, it was not surprising that things ran efficiently.  A large number of competitors did not slow down the day thanks to the help of lots of black belts and ring assistants.  Senior ranks Tom Arcuri, Larry & Laura Brooks, Jeff Melander, Bonnie Streeter, & Dave Bruce and others helped to make this a fun day of competition.  The Kata Grand Championship ended quickly when Jeff Melander, who was the first to compete, received five one's from the judges - this made who was going to win a moot point and Jeff walked away with a beautiful 6 foot trophy!!!  Congratulations to Vicki Gillen on another successful and friendly event.

ADDED 3/22/10:  Mr. Pinney's 14th Annual Tournament held yesterday at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY was a huge success.  Attendance was at an all time high and everyone had a great time.  Mr. Pinney did a great job of running the event in an efficient manner and we were headed home by 3:30 pm.  Senior ZDK Instructors on hand included Mr. Arcuri, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Bruce, Mr. Cox, Mr. Tomlinson, Mr. Waterman, as well as a large number of blacks belts and students from both ZDK and invited clubs.  Every year this event is better organized and provides a friendly and ego-free atmosphere for the participants.  We would like to congratulate Mr. Pinney on a wonderful day of competition!

ADDED 3/12/10 Sherburne, NY Visit:  Mr. Campos & Mr. Tomlinson travelled to Sherburne, NY to attend testing at Mr. Bob Pinney's PAK club on Wed. 3/10.  We would like to congratulate all the PAK students who tested, especially, Dallas Nichols on achieving his Junior Black Belt rank.  It was nice to see Heath & Ethan Waterman attend the test to act as board members.  Many thanks to Mr. Bob Pinney for the invitation and hospitality.

ADDED 2/8/10 Sherburne, NY Visit:  Mr. Campos & Mr. Tomlinson travelled to Sherburne, NY to attend a black belt pre-test training session at Mr. Bob Pinney's PAK club on Sat. 2/6.  This was an opportunity for three of Mr. Pinney's students to receive assistance as they get prepared for their black belt test.  We would like to thank Mr. Pinney and his wife, Grace, for their wonderful hospitality.  After dinner, we had the opportunity to receive a pool playing lesson from Mr. Pinney at his house - our advice is to practice a lot before playing pool with him - he has a black belt in 8-Ball.  The next day we had a short drive to the W. Winfield event.

 W. Winfield Tournament:  Congratulations to Larry & Laura Brooks on hosting a hugely successful 17th Annual Friendship Invitational Tournament in W. Winfield, NY yesterday.  There were over 200 competitors on hand for this event, among them a large number of instructors.  As always, the coordinators, Vicki Gillen, Tom Arcuri, & new addition Larry Brooks, Jr. kept things running smoothly and efficiently.  We saw many old friends, as well as, a surprise visitor in the form of Tony Irvin (who had told Mr. Campos he was planning to attend but swore him to secrecy).  It is evident that there is a new generation rising among some of the younger black belts in attendance, including Blaze Cox, who blazed his way to the Grand Champion of the black belt sparring event.  The four annual tournaments directed by ZDK members (V. Gillen, T. Arcuri, B. Pinney, & L. & L. Brooks) offer our members and invited clubs/instructors an opportunity to compete in a friendly atmosphere that focuses on the participants.  There are none of the often seen displays of ego and poor sportsmanship that are sometimes evident at martial arts events.  The day was a great success and everyone got out in time to see the Super Bowl!!!

2010 SSS Update:  Mr. Arcuri has secured Relson Gracie as the Special Guest Instructor for this year's camp.  See our Calendar Page for addl. info and PUT SSS ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW!!!

ADDED 2/2/10The black belt pre-test held in Johnstown on 1/30 went very well with 6 of the 7 potential candidates in attendance.  Special thanks to the ukes and board members who came to assist and offer critiques.  During the last hour of the three hour training, Mr. Campos had everyone participate in a class on lateral movement and on basic gun & knife defense techniques.

PRE-TEST PHOTO:  FRONT ROW/KNEELING (L-R):  Sensei Campos, ZDK Chief Instructor with Candidates:  Kathy Johnson, Becky Ewalt, Maureen Tagliaferro, Rick Rinaldo, Mike Clarke, and Ian Santangelo (Arlene Card missing from photo).

BACK ROW STANDING (L-R):  Senior ZDK members and assistants;  Tony Irvin, Chad Farrington, Taro Hudson, Willie Hewitt, Bob Pinney, Jeff Melander, Carol Vaughn       , TJ Wilbut, AJ Mauldin, Harry Tomlinson, Bonnie & Bob Streeter, directors of the Johnstown ZDK club.

 ADDED 1/14/10Welcome to 2010.  This year marks the 51st year of Mr. Campos beginning training at the Judo Twins dojo in Manhattan and his 41st year of instructing.  He is very grateful to all of his instructors and mentors and to all of the members and students of the ZDK for their support.

On Wed. 1/13, Mr. Campos, Mr. Schuyler, & Mr. Santangelo attended the Choices Conference at Fulton-Montgomery Community College in Johnstown, NY to present 4 sessions on Self-Defense for High School students from all over the tri-county area.  This event has been held for over 20 years and Mr. Campos has been a presenter at every conference.  His program continues to be very popular among the students.

Our 2009 effort on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project netted $14,042.  We are very proud of the fact that over three years we have donated $51,019 to the WWP.  Many thanks to the participating clubs for their hard work and generosity.  Our goal is to do even better in 2010!

As always, you can check out our Calendar Page for updated events.  If you have a question or would like information, feel free to contact Mr. Campos directly at director@zdkusa.com


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