ADDED 12/16/08FINAL MESSAGE FOR 2008:  As we get ready to close out another exciting and productive year, I would like to thank everyone who has been an active part of the ZDK by participating in the programs we offer.  Your support is the glue that holds us together and, as I have travelled to various clubs this past year, I have been impressed with the commitment and dedication of all of our members.  To those who sponsor seminars and tournaments for everyone to attend, I offer my special thanks for what you do on behalf of the ZDK.  2009 will mark fifty years of training and teaching for me and I feel good about what I have been able to accomplish and the people I have met along the way.  More importantly, I see the rise of a new generation of senior ranks who demonstrate leadership, creativity, and, most importantly, a commitment to their students success.  Thank you all for being a part of the ZDK family and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Respectfully, M. Campos

ADDED 12/8/08:  There were almost 30 participants total at pre-testing and the seminars held at HQ yesterday.  We were glad to see that 4 of the 5 people planning to test in Mar. were able to attend pre-testing.  Many thanks to 5th Dan's Mr. Cox, Mr. & Mrs. Guccione, Mr. Melander, Mr. Pinney, Mr. Streeter, & Mr. Tomlinson for coming out on such a cold morning to assist with the pre-test process.  Both the Sanchin & Jo seminars were full and Mr. Streeter and Mr. Campos appreciated the participation of the instructors and students.  We are planning another pre-test event for January 25 and hope to see everyone there.

We just heard from Mr. Brown in Massena, NY.  He is recovering well from his 2nd knee replacement and we look forward to seeing him fully recovered in the spring. 

ADDED 12/4/08:  We would like to welcome Steve Moliterno as a new ZDK Assn. member.  Sensei Moliterno is affiliated with Mr. Suggs, a longtime SSS & ZDK supporter.  His dojo is Kihen-Ryu Jujitsu and is located in NYC.  We look forward to working with Sensei Moliterno in the years ahead - WELCOME to the ZDK.

ADDED 11/3/08:  The tournament in Herkimer, NY on Sat. 11/1/08 was well attended and expertly coordinated by Tom & Dana Arcuri.  As always, Vicki Gillen, and Larry Brooks were on hand to help the process move along on schedule.  It was good to see everyone, esp. Mr. Cox, Mr. Pinney, Mr. Tomlinson, Mrs. Streeter, and so many others in attendance.  Under the "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" category, our good friend, Kevin Suggs really surprised us by attending his first ZDK tourney with three of his students.  Not only did Mr. Suggs come to dinner but he demonstrated his strong competitive skills by entering the Senior Black Belt division on the spur of the moment.  Ah, to be so young again!!!  It was nice to have the Westchester contingent there.  Mrs. Streeter was awarded the plaque for Most Supportive School by virtue of having a huge number of Johnstown ZDK students in attendance.  We congratulate Tom & Dana on another well-run and fun event.

ADDED 10/21/08

BLAZE COX - THAILANDWe just received word from Brian Cox (Cherry Valley, NY ZDK) that his son, Blaze, is training in Muay Thai in ThailandBlaze is a ZDK black belt and is spending a year as a student there.  In addition to his studies, he is training five days a week and is preparing for his first Muay Thai competition.  The picture is of Blaze & his instructor. We want to wish him the best as he prepares to enter the Muay Thai arena!!!

ADDED 10/20/08

BROOKS SEMINARThis was a very busy and productive weekend.  On Sat. 10/18, Sensei Campos traveled to Larry & Laura Brooks club in W. Winfield, NY to present a Kata seminar to an enthusiastic group of students.  We also had members from Mr. Pinney's PAK club and Dave Castaldo from Mr. Guccione's Canton, NY club in attendance.  It was great to visit the Brooks club and meet the students.  Thank you to Larry & Laura for hosting the seminar.On Sun. 10/19, Sensei Campos was off to Easthampton, MA to present a seminar on Personal Protection at Mr. Laberge's Kicks & Sticks studio.  It was great to see that half the class was made up of women who were not martial artists.  This was the first time Sensei Campos had the opportunity to visit Kicks & Sticks.  Mr. Laberge has a great group of students, many of whom have been members for a long time.  Thanks also to Mr. Schuyler from HQ for offering to assist.  The invitation & hospitality of Mr. Laberge and his members was greatly appreciated.

 ADDED 10/15/08:  It has been a busy Fall season.  Mr. Campos was in TX visiting Mr. Gifford and all the TX ZDK clubs in the Houston area from 10/2-10/13.  Mr. Gifford's organization continues to thrive and we had a chance to attend testing and present seminars at all the TX clubs during this visit.  TESTING:  Congratulations to Rosemary Ruths on achieving Shodan, and to Jory Denny, Melissa Elder, Todd Kelly, Gayle Lozano, and Zachary Pollock on their Nidan rank.  SEMINARS:  Mr. Campos presented seminars on several topics over the entire week - Fri. at Safety America in Sugar Land; Sat. & Tues. at the Lexington Blvd. dojo in Sugar Land; Mon. at Mr. Kelly's dojo in Pecan Grove; and Wed. at the Missouri City dojo run by Mr. VicknairMr. Campos also worked with Mr. Gifford on kata and test curriculum.

As always, it was great to see all the students and instructors during the visit.  Congratulations are in order for Mr. Sean Brauen on his upcoming wedding and to Mr. Shawn Vicknair and Heidi on their soon to be new arrival.  Susan Jackson flew in from Florida to attend testing and the first seminar and Bob Ryan, Bill Hickl, Rick Eierdam, and many other black belts were on hand to make the week a great one.

Many thanks to Bill and Michele Hickl for the use of their son's truck so Mr. & Mrs. Campos could drive up to Killeen, TX for his Military Police reunion.  This one was much larger than the Oct. 2007 Atlantic City, NJ gathering.  It was great to see Roger Goehrke (Susan) after 45 years!!!  There will be an addl. KB page up soon telling all the latest news for KB alumni visiting this site.

ADDED 9/28/08Mr. Curbelo, chief instructor at Mountain Martial Arts in Stamford, NY, hosted a self-defense and defensive tactics seminar on 9/20 instructed by Charlie Moore.  Mr. Moore, assisted by Tom Arcuri, taught a number of training drills and skills to approximately 20 participants at the all-day event.

On Sat. 9/27 as part of the Mountain Academyís 15 year celebration Mr. Curbelo hosted the 1st Annual Invitational Tournament.  Though a small event some participants travelled up to 2 hours to attend. It went smoothly with some very spirited competition, awesome help from visiting instructors, and a great atmosphere.  Mr. Curbelo thanks everyone who supported the event.

Unfortunately Mr. Campos had to miss the tournament because on 9/27 he was in Massena, NY instructing seminars for the ZDK clubs in N-NY.  This was his bi-annual trip and it is always great to re-connect with everyone in the north country.  The weekend started out with a golf outing on Fri. afternoon with Mr. Brown.  His constant distractions during the game resulted in him having a lower score (like that matters) than Mr. Campos and because of that he claimed to have won!!!  Regardless, it was a fun game.  On Sat. Mr. Campos presented a seminar for the kids and one for the adults.  It was great to see course instructors Vince, Dave, Cheri, Tim (Bass), Andre, etc. along with all the other black belts & students.  Andrea Malik, a ZDK affiliated member from Potsdam, NY, attended the seminars with several of her students for the first time.  At lunch we were able to have a long discussion about her desire to become more active in the ZDK. As always, Mr. Campos would like to thank the N-NY group for their hospitality and support for the ZDK for over three decades.

ADDED 9/18/08:  As always, fall is a very busy season.  EDS CLASS:  On Sun. 9/14 Mr. Campos presented a three hour DT class for 13 members of the Schenectady Civil Defense Auxiliary Police at the Johnstown studio.  The class was a basic introduction to the skills and drills involved in Defensive Tactics training.  Assisting with the class were Brian Cox, Shawn Irvin, & Richard Schuyler.  Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Streeter for the use of the studio and to Dave Cummings for organizing the group.

On Tues. 9/16 Mr. Campos presented a class on Personal Safety to a group of 30 students at Colgate University.  This is part of a series of presentations organized by Mr. Bob Pinney.  Mr. Pinney forwarded several of the comments from the students about the class - here are a couple of excerpts:

"He found ways for us to relate our everyday movements to self defense making it more like a reflex than something that you actually have to think about.  I especially enjoyed practicing on the bags, so increased time on that would be useful.  All in all, I thought he was very interesting and creative in his methods." and  "I thought his presentation was great. I loved his energy and his sense of humor. I liked the way he simplified the movements. It was a really productive class."

ADDED 8/24/08Mr. Campos had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Greg Troup (SSS Photographer for many years) from 8/20-8/22 in Old Forge, NY.  Mr. & Mrs. Campos were up in the Adirondacks camping, hiking, and biking for a couple of days and took the opportunity to contact Greg & Robin.  It was nice to get together with Greg & Robin for dinner and a slide presentation on India.  Plus they did a little reminiscing about the old days when Greg was training with Craig Corato at our first satellite school in Cobleskill, NY in the mid 1970's.  We were hoping to connect up with Mr. Charbonneau while we were up there but his son just returned from military service in Afghanistan so he was unable to get to Old Forge.  We appreciate his son's service and are glad he is home safely.

ADDED 7/24/08:  NEW MEMBER We would like to welcome MR. JIM MORRILL as a new member of the ZDK.  Mr. Morrill instructs in the Albany area and has been training since 1983.  He has trained in several arts including, Tang Soo Do, Shotokan, Kempo, & Kung-Fu.  We look forward to working with Jim for many years to come and would like to thank him for deciding to join the ZDK.

ADDED 7/22/0826th Annual Super Summer Seminars was FANTASTIC!!!  Tom & Dana Arcuri have taken the camp to a new level of professionalism. Congratulations on a job well done.  Approximately 270 participants & staff were on hand to train and party and they were not disappointed. 

PICTURE (Kneeling L-R)2008 Test CandidatesJovan Germano, Jeff Melander, Carol Vaughn, Lisa Guccione, Dave Guccione, Andre Secore, missing Chandra Miller-Gehret; Standing Most Senior Ranking Board MembersJoel Kirch, Bob Gifford, Sensei Campos, Susan Jackson, Ron Brown, & Bob Ryan.

FRIDAY:  The weekend started off with TESTING on Friday morning.  Congratulations to NIDAN - CAROL VAUGHN from Mr. Melander's Red Dragon Karate in Ballston Spa, NY;  YODANS - CHANDRA MILLER from Mr. Eierdam's Texas Martial Arts club in Houston, TX and JOVAN GERMANO from Mr. Dave Guccione's Canton, NY ZDK club;  GODANS - JEFF MELANDER, Red Dragon Karate, Ballston Spa, NY, ANDRE SECORE, Malone, NY ZDK under Mr. Brown, and DAVE & LISA GUCCIONE, Canton, NY ZDK.  How many times will you have the chance to see a 66 year old take a "real" godan test?  Mr. Guccione took the same advanced black belt test expected of anyone else and stunned the crowd with his energy, technique, spirit, and fortitude.  He set a new standard for senior advanced testing and won the respect of every instructor and student in the room!!  Many thanks to everyone who came to judge, assist, or observe.

ROKUDAN PROMOTIONSSpecial Congratulations to Ms. Jackson & Mr. Ryan on being promoted to 6th Dan in the ZDK.  Both are students of Mr. Gifford and continue to be loyal to him and to the association.

Thanks especially to those who traveled long distances to be a part of a great day:  Mr. Gifford, most senior ZDK instructor from TX, Mr. Kirch, Indiana, and Ms. Jackson from Florida, and Mr. Ryan from TXOther senior ranks included:  Mr. Alianiello, Mr. Brown, Mr. Cox, Mr. & Mrs. Langdon, Mr. Perry, Mr. Pinney, Mr. Streeter, & Mr. Tomlinson (we apologize if we forgot any board member).

SATAs always SSS included a fantastic staff of 20 instructors.  This year there were THREE SPECIAL GUEST INSTRUCTORSSENSEI NISHIME an exponent of traditional Japanese Karate, KURT PELLEGRINO a renowned Mixed Martial Arts fighter who is gaining a lot of recognition, and SENSEI CAMPOS the founder of Super Summers and ZDK director.  Sensei Campos was honored to be asked to be a featured instructor and took the opportunity to teach a ZDK curriculum class for ZDK System members in addition to the White to Green & Brown thru Black Belt classes he taught.  He also did demonstration at the Sat. evening presentations and would like to thank his assistants Mr. Cox, Mr. Suggs, and especially Dana Arcuri who made a great "opportunistic distraction."  It was then time for the DJ and dancing until 1 a.m.  All we can say is, "what happens at Super Summers, stays at Super Summers."

SUN:  The last day of training is always a little sad.  People are tired but always talk about what a great time they had and how they have been reinvigorated by the inspiration and perspirationWe hope to see you in 2009!!!

***As an aside, it was great to have Mr. Gifford and his daughter, Brianna, come early and stay until today.  He has been a ZDK member since 1969 and being in TX makes it hard for us to get together.  He had a chance to visit old friends and see the new Johnstown NY HQ dojo now run by Bob & Bonnie Streeter

ADDED 7/14/08Sensei Campos & Tom Greco attended the wedding of Ed Taglialatela in Syracuse on Sat.  Both Tom and Ed received their Black Belt ranks back in the late 1970's at the Johnstown ZDK.  Ed is a detective with the Syracuse PD and Tom wishes he was retired.  It was great having the opportunity to see Tom & his wife Bonnie and Ed and his new wife Suzanne and catch up on some of the stories from the old days - most of which we cannot repeat for fear of scaring some of you.  Congratulations to Ed & Suzanne as they start on their adventure!

PICTURE (L-R):  Sensei, Ed, & Tom.

ADDED 7/8/08PAK TEST  On 6/23 Sensei Campos had the opportunity to attend testing at Mr. Pinney's club in Sherburne, NY.  It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to visit a club and see the progress that people make in their training.  While everyone did a great job, it was especially pleasing to see Ethan Waterman do his annual test as a Junior Black Belt.  This was an idea that Ethan proposed after receiving his belt.  He has lived up to his commitment to train and make progress AND subject himself to an annual test.  His goal is to successfully pass his adult Black Belt test next year.

SUPER SUMMER NEWSTom & Dana Arcuri have done a wonderful job organizing the 26th Annual SSS Camp.  They have a wonderful line-up of Special Guest Instructors and other staff members but, more importantly, they have a fantastic turnout for their first attempt at running the camp - almost 260 participants and staff have registered!!!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Colgate University on 7/18-7/20.  It should be a great celebration and a new beginning.

JOHNSTOWN NEWSBob & Bonnie Streeter continue to do a great job at HQ.  It is hard to believe but it has been just over 4 years since they took over the dojo from Mr. Campos.  He continues to visit and attend testing and instruct when needed.  The Johnstown, NY ZDK has been active since 1969 and continues to offer quality instruction at the their new location on N. Perry St.  Continued success!!

ADDED 6/23/08NEWS FROM NEW ZEALAND - Our NZ representative, Johnny Kennedy, just sent us a message saying he was married in March and is expecting a child.  Or as John put it, "a we girl, Baylee Anne Kennedy."  We would like to congratulate Johnny & Samantha on all the news.  John says his martial arts business is doing wonderful.  It was great having them both here last summer for our 25th Super Summers and we hope to see them again soon.

ADDED 6/17/08ZDK COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT:  We are proud to announce the final total for 2008 of our fund-raising effort for the Wounded Warrior Project was $12,977.  The following clubs & instructors participated and their effort is very much appreciated. 

The following list is in the order of donation submission:  Derderian Academy - Raffi & Susan Derderian (RI); Massena ZDK Karate Club - Dave Pepe & Vince Perry (NY);  Canton ZDK Karate Club - Dave & Lisa Guccione (NY); Kensho-Do Karate - Glenn Ward (NY); Red Dragon Karate - Jeff Melander (NY);  American ZDK Karate - Bob & Bonnie Streeter (NY);  Capital Area Martial Arts Club - Gail Tolley (NY);  Pinney's American Karate - Bob Pinney (NY);  Karate John's - John Annable (NY);  Progressive Martial Arts - Rocco Alianiello & Todd Steiner (PA).

Special congratulations to the two top fund-raising clubs$5,200 for Progressive Martial Arts in Altoona, PA and $2,479 for American Zen-Do Kai in Johnstown, NY

We also had a donation from John Annable (noted above) who is not a ZDK member but who wanted to be a part of our effort.  Finally, Sensei Campos collected $395 from veterans at his MP reunion held last Oct. in Atlantic City.  Better the WWP than the slot machines!!! 

See more about the WWP at http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org

Thanks also to the students, parents, businesses and organizations who helped in our 2008 effort.

ADDED 6/9/08:      TX WEDDING:  Congratulations to Chandra Miller on her wedding to Martin Gehret in Houston, TX on 5/24.  We heard it was a great party!!!

N-NY PRE-TESTSensei Campos had the opportunity to travel to Malone, NY 5/30 to 5/31 to work with Dave & Lisa Guccione, Andre Secore, & Jovan Germano as they prepare for testing at Super Summers.  This will be an historical event for the north country ZDK since the ranks involved are so high (three for Godan & one Yodan).  It was great to see that everyone has demonstrated the necessary commitment to this endeavor.  Many thanks to Ron Brown & Tim & Cheri Langdon for their hospitality and coordinating everything.  Thanks also to all the Uke's who attended the 3 hour session.  Mr. Campos truly enjoyed the golfing with Tim & Ron too!!!

SUPER SUMMERSMr. Campos traveled to Colgate University on 6/3 to meet with Tom & Dana Arcuri, Bob Pinney, and the college staff in preparation for the 26th annual camp on 7/18-7/20.  Tom & Dana are working hard to organize another great camp.  They have a great website (www.super-summer-seminars.com) where participants can see camp information and can even register and pay for the weekend.  Bob Pinney will be assisting as in past years and, at the request of the Arcuri's,  Mr. Campos is one of the Special Guest Instructor's.  After lunch Mr. Campos & Mr. Pinney played a round of golf.  SSS TESTING:  As in past years, we will have testing on Fri. morning - details will be emailed to all instructors.

NEW MEMBER:  We would like to welcome Mr. George Curbelo into the ZDK family.  George is the Chief Instructor of Mountain Martial Arts in Stamford, NY.  He has been an instructor for 37 years and has a lot of experience in several systems.  We look forward to working with him in the years ahead.

ADDED 5/22/08HANDGUN SEMINAR:  Mr. Campos would like to thank John Annable (Karate John's, Cicero, NY) for hosting the three hour Handgun Defense seminar on Sat. 5/17/08.  Participants included Syracuse PD, Border Patrol, NYS Police, NYS Parole, Educators, and martial artists from several clubs.  The feedback from the participants (email and evaluation forms) has been really positive and we are pleased that the program was well received.  Special thanks to Sam & Ellen Anagnostopoulos for helping to organize the event & for providing a great lunch for everyone.  Also, Dave Castaldo who acted as the videographer and was also instrumental in getting the event organized.  Finally, it was really great to have Tony & Shawn Irvin in attendance.  They have been ZDK members for approx. three decades and have recently gotten back into training after a hiatus.  Tony, a member of the NYS Police, assisted Mr. Campos with the seminar and you would never know he had been away from training.  Thank you to all who took the time to attend!

SSS TEST CANDIDATES:  We also had an opportunity prior to the seminar to work intensively for two hours with Mr. & Mrs. Guccione and Jovan Germano from the Canton, NY ZDK on their test material.  Sensei Campos is looking forward to the 4 hour pre-test intensive scheduled in Malone, NY on 5/31.

ADDED 5/16/08CONGRATULATIONS - We would like to congratulate the newly certified black belts from Ms. Gillen's Bailey's Karate School in Rome, NY.  Jr. 1st DegreeMaryAnn Bulawa, Jeffery Crippen, Danielle Famolaro, Aleesha Feole, Tavin HunsikerJr. 2nd DegreeJessie Flaim.  Adult 1st Degree:  Tabitha Cieniewicz, Kelly Condes, Britleigh Hawkins, Laura Segur. & Melissa Murphy Thompson.  We look forward to seeing all of these dedicated students continue to progress as part of the ZDK.

Sensei Campos would like to thank Mrs. Streeter for her assistance at the 9th Annual Sister to Sister Conference held at Fulton-Montgomery Community College on Wed. 5/14.  We have been involved in this program since its inception and have been amazed by the growth of the program.  S2S brought together almost 250 middle school girls from a three county area for learning and fun.  We had a great day and the evaluations of our program, as always, were very positive. 

Our three week program at the Gloversville Middle School provided another opportunity for us to work on personal safety with area youth. We appreciated the assistance of Mr. & Mrs. Streeter, Richard Schuyler, and Rachael Bailey during the program.

ADDED 4/28/08:  It is always nice to hear from students that our impact has been a positive one.  This latest message was another in that vein: 

Hello Sensei Campos!
 It has been a very long time since I have seen you; a little over 10 years! I was a student of yours for about 3 years from around 1992-1995 along with my brother Ed Sprenger. I have often thought about you and the Zen Do Kai School (very fondly); the discipline and training helped me in all areas of my life. I know that is something that will benefit my kids when they start going.  I've told my kids about you and was so excited to finally show him pictures of you on your website. He thinks you're pretty cool. Both my brother and I have been doing very well, both with families of our own. He lives in Schenectady and works with computers. Don't ask me what he does precisely, I apparently was born without the computer literacy part of the brain. He and his wife Kathy have 2 boys: Nathan 5 and Andrew 1. I live in Washington near Seattle. My husband is in the Navy and we were stationed here last summer. He is now deployed in the Persian Gulf until the Fall. Our kids are Ethan 6, Emma 4 next week, and Tommy 9 months.
 Neither my brother nor I continued with Karate after we moved from Gloversville, but have always been positively affected by the training we had. After my dad started training in Kendo, Ed started as well. I want to start training again and have my kids join me, but that may have to wait until James (my husband) returns from the Gulf. We will be going back to New York (Saranac Lake) for the summer and if possible I will try and make my way back to Johnstown for a visit. How are things with you and the school? I hope you and your family are well and very happy in all things. Please write back when you have the time. I hope you remember me, but I'm sure after knowing so many students over so many years it may be difficult to remember every single one!  Take care!
Karen (Sprenger) Reilly

ADDED 4/28/08:  Sensei Campos had a wonderful trip this past weekend to the Malone, NY ZDK for Friday testing, Saturday seminars, and the N-NY ZDK Banquet on Sat. evening. Congratulations to newly advanced students Austin Bush (Jr. Shodan), Sam Anagnostopoulis (Shodan), and Ernesto Perez (Nidan).  Congratulations also to their respective instructors for getting them prepared for the test - Mr. Pepe & Mr. Perry (Massena, NY), Mr. Guccione (Canton, NY), and Mr. Secore (Malone, NY).  On Sat. morning Mr. Campos presented three training sessions starting with a children's seminar, followed by an adult seminar, and ending with a black belt only ZDK curriculum class.  Every session was very well attended and all had fun learning new material.  We ended the weekends festivities with the N-NY Banquet at the beautiful Malone Country Club.  It was great to see all of the N-NY instructors, black belts, and students.  Congratulations to all who received an award.  Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Langdon (Cheri is Mr. Brown's daughter) for once again organizing the weekend.  We also look forward to seeing Mr. Brown recover fully from his knee replacement, assuming he follows his doctors orders (any bets?).  Sensei can't wait to get back on the golf course!!!!  Many thanks to everyone for the support and effort on Mr. Campos' behalf.

ADDED 4/24/08 Our annual trip south was great except for the rain and cold.  We heard that it was warmer here in upstate NY!!!  Our first stop was Washington DC where we were treated to a fantastic tour of the Capital building, including a visit to the U.S. Senate chamber, by our own tour guide Robert Cutter and his son, Remington.  Mr. Cutter, a senior student of Vince Anthony (SSS 2007 instructor), is a member of the Capital Police so our tour was expedited.  It was also nice to touch bases with Dan Kurtz, a Capital Police officer whose son trains with Mr. Anthony.  We want to thank Mr. Cutter for his hospitality since he took a day off to take us touring.

We had a wonderful visit with Ms. Susan Jackson in Orlando, FL.  As always, we appreciated the opportunity to present a seminar at her Traditional Martial Arts club and enjoyed the time to socialize over lunch afterwards.

Now it is time to get into our spring schedule - first stop N-NY this weekend for testing, seminars, and banquet.  It will be good to see everyone up in the north country!

ADDED 3/30/08:  Vicki Gillen's Copper City Championships in Rome, NY went off without a hitch yesterday.  It was a well-run, friendly, and competitive event.  The usual cast of senior ZDK instructors was on hand to keep things moving along - Mr. & Mrs. Arcuri, Mr. & Mrs. Brooks, Dave Bruce, Mr. Melander, Troy Rodman, Mr. & Mrs. Streeter, Mr. Campos and many others too numerous to mention.  The new generation of competitors put on quite a demonstration of spirit, energy, and enthusiasm.  Congratulations to Mr. Melander on taking the Grand Championship in Kata (again!!!) with a phenomenal demonstration of power & technique!! 

ADDED 3/27/08:  Wounded Warrior Project fundraising event on 3/26 & 3/27.  Both events had a large number of participants and spectators.  One of the spectators on Thursday evening was an active duty reserve recruiter (in uniform) who had two kids participating.  He had heard of the WWP program and was happy to be a part of the event.  While all the pledges are not in yet, we understand that the amount raised was considerable.  Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Streeter on organizing the event on behalf of the WWP.

We have been hearing from several instructors who are participating in this year's event and are hopeful that we can surpass our effort last year.  We will post the final results as soon as everyone indicates that they have completed their event.  Mr. Campos hopes to stop by the WWP offices in Jacksonville, FL on his upcoming trip.

ADDED 3/16/08:  Congratulations to Rick Rinaldo, Gennady Julien, and Dallas (apologize - brain fade on last name) from Mr. Bob Pinney's Sherburne, NY dojo on moving ahead in the Brown Belt ranks.  Mr. Campos was at testing on Fri. 3/14 and was VERY impressed with the performances of these three students.  They truly exemplified the technical proficiency and energy that a brown belt should demonstrate, and they left no doubt that they earned the right to wear the rank.  Congratulations to the other students who tested too!

On Sat. 3/15, Mr. Pinney ran his 12th annual tournament at Colgate University.  There were enough Black Belts on hand to keep things moving along and everyone seemed to have a good time.  It was nice to be able to head for home at 2 p.m.  This was another friendly, smooth running, low stress competition that are hallmarks of events run by our members.

***KIRCH ALERTMr. Kirch just sent us a video of him getting TASERED.  No, this was not a party where he got out of control and had to be subdued by government agents.  He was taking part in training/testing the effectiveness of the taser with several other U.S. Marshal's.  He apparently VOLUNTEERED to be zapped.  We can say that, while it was clearly a painful experience, he managed to stand through the whole process - though he did use some expressive language when it was over.  The question is what does he do in his spare time for excitement?

ADDED 3/10/08:  Congratulations to Mr. Bob Pinney (Pinney's American Karate, Sherburne & Hamilton, NY) on achieving Godan at testing on 3/8/08.  Mr. Pinney demonstrated the spirit and perseverance necessary to be successful - no easy task at 52!!  Every test is a cooperative effort and this was no different.  Special thanks go to Mr. Cox & Mr. Tomlinson who took time out of their personal schedules on several occasions to assist in his training over the last couple of months.  Thanks to the test board - Mr. Cox, Mr. Streeter, & Mr. Tomlinson - & to the Uke squad for volunteering their bodies for the effort.

It was also great to see Mr. & Mrs. Guccione, Mr. Kenna, & Mr. Germano come down from Canton, NY to get some training in preparation for testing at Super Summer Seminars 2008 camp.  Rumor has it that a large number of candidates plan to test this summer but we are especially looking forward to seeing Mr. Guccione test for Godan rank at 66 years of age!!!

ADDED 3/6/08:  The SMAF event at the Holiday Inn in Saratoga on 2/22-2/24 was a great way to break up the mid-winter blues.  Sensei Campos drove over on Sat. & Sun. and had a great time visiting with everyone.  Mr. Pearlman has put together a great weekend of training similar to Super Summers.  The Holiday Inn was the new venue and the staff, including several old hands at SSS, was fantastic.  Mr. Pearlman was gracious enough to congratulate Mr. Campos on his 64th birthday after he talked him into doing a demonstration at the last minute.  Many thanks to Sensei Kevin Suggs, Joe Ansah, & Roland Lavigne for stepping up to the plate to be the Uke's on five minutes notice.  The favor was returned when Mr. Suggs did a demo a few minutes later.  Mr. Campos & Jeff Melander trained in the floor fighting class that Tom & Dana Arcuri presented as a last minute addition to the program.  We saw Joe Mansfield, Mark Cardona, Vince Anthony, Chris LaCava, Paul Fracchia, John Borter, Charlie Moore and many other participants and instructors at the event.  Congratulations to Steve Pearlman on his 8th SMAF.

ADDED 2/20/08From the desk of Sensei Campos:  I had the opportunity to attend testing at the Johnstown ZDK last night and I was treated to an amazing display of commitment and resilience.  A young man of 14 tested for green belt.  Nothing unusual there except that this young man has no arms.  Mr. & Mrs. Streeter and the staff at the Johnstown studio modified the test to accommodate this disability.  The rest was was up to the candidate and he did a phenomenal job with a phenomenal attitude.  Certainly this test is an example of why we teach.  It is also an example for anyone who has an excuse for not stepping up to the plate.  My personal congratulations go out to Gorsha as he continues on his journey to Black Belt!

ADDED 2/12/08ZDK TOP SCHOOLS FOR 2007 Congratulations to the following Instructors/Clubs on achieving a Top School award:

BRONZE SCHOOLS#8 (Three Way Tie):  Derderian Academy/Raffi & Susan Derderian/RI;  Portchester Karate/Kevin Suggs/NY;  Capital Area Martial Arts/Gail Tolley/NY#7:  Kensho-Do Karate/Glenn Ward/NY#6:  Kennedy's Karate/Johnny Kennedy/New Zealand#5:  Rick Eierdam/TX#4 (Two-Way Tie):  Texas Martial Arts/Wade Kirkpatrick/TX;  Dynam-Kicks/Travis Thornton/GA#3:  Canton ZDK/Dave & Lisa Guccione/NY#2:  Kicks & Sticks/Ernie Laberge/MA;  #1:  Adirondack Karate/Jerry Charbonneau/NY.

SILVER SCHOOLS:  #7:  Shotokai Karate Club/Randy Veinotte/Nova Scotia;  #6:  Greene Dragon Martial Arts/Cathie Bagnall/NY#5:  Lone Star Karate/Todd Kelly/TX;  #4:  Progressive Martial Arts/Rocco Alianiello & Todd Steiner/PA;  #3:  Cherry Valley & Cobleskill ZDK/Brian Cox & Keith Stevenson/NY;  #2:  Brooks Karate School/Larry & Laura Brooks/NY;  #1:  Red Dragon Karate/Jeff Melander/NY.

GOLD SCHOOLS:  #3:  Traditional Martial Arts/Susan Jackson/FL;  #2:  Bailey's Herkimer/Tom & Dana Arcuri/NY;  #1:  American Zen-Do Kai/ Bob & Bonnie Streeter/NY.

SUPER SCHOOLS:  #4:  Pinney's American Karate/Bob Pinney/NY;  #3:  Northern NY ZDK/Ron Brown Director/NY;  #2:  Bailey's Rome/Vicki Gillen/NY;  #1:  Safety America/Bob Gifford/TX.

We appreciate the support of every club that is a member of the ZDK family.  We hope to be able to award every member club a Top Schools award in 2008!

ADDED 2/6/08:  Congratulations to Larry & Laura Brooks on another fine tournament on 2/3.  All of the usual instructors were in attendance and the day went very smoothly and ended in time for everyone to get home to see the Super Bowl.  We noted that David Foster (Mr. Melander's Club) & Blaze Cox (Mr. Cox's Club), both new black belts did very well for their first time out in those divisions.  A highlight of the day was the announcement by Mr. Campos of the promotion of Mr. Brooks to 6th Dan.  Larry has been a ZDK member for almost 20 years and has been an active competitor, promoter, and instructor.  He has been ranked as a Godan for 17 years!!!  He really has to thank Laura for advocating on his behalf for this promotion.  We look forward to many more years of affiliation as part of the ZDK family.

 ADDED 1/11/08:  The 20th Annual Choices Program was held at Fulton-Montgomery Community College on Jan. 9 and Sensei Campos, Arlene Card, & Richard Schuyler were there to instruct area H.S. students in the fundamentals of self-defense.  This has been a very popular presentation among the students every year because they have fun and learn something useful.  Channel 9 News (Albany) took some video during the program and aired it that evening.  During the keynote presentation, Sensei Campos was recognized for being a volunteer presenter for all 20 years.  A couple of adults in attendance requested a similar program in their school district and we are in the process of discussing their needs.  Being retired is not for the lazy!!!  LINK TO NEWS-9 STORY & VIDEO - You may need to copy & paste this linkhttp://www.capitalnews9.com/content/headlines/?SecID=33&ArID=229169



 ADDED 1/4/08SPECIAL VISIT:  Sensei Campos had a surprise visitor show up unexpectedly at his house right after Christmas.  Marc Hickok and his dad, Dan, stopped by to catch up on the latest news.  Marc tested for his black belt with Cara Nielsen at Super Summers while still in H.S.  In college he played football (kicker) for UCONN and has been down in sunny Florida since graduation.  His goal has been to get picked up by a major league team as a kicker and he was briefly by the Giants last year.  Currently he is a personal trainer and still working hard to achieve his primary goal.  To say that Marc has grown is an understatement - he is a big guy and is in phenomenal condition.  If you didn't have the opportunity to see Marc test or compete (he spent several years as an A.A.U. competitor and has a roomful of trophies to show for it), you missed something special.  It was great to see Marc and Dan and I hope to get together with him again soon.

NEW ZDK CLUB:  We would like to congratulate Heath Waterman on the opening of his club in Oneida, NY.  Heath is a student of Mr. Bob Pinney's and has taken the leap into full-time instruction with the purchase of a building and all the equipment of Owen's Martial Arts (Johnny Owens is an long-time instructor who has retired & moved).  We are proud to have Heath as a ZDK member and wish him great success in this new venture!


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