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Just a Few Accomplishments: Gold Medal, 1980 WUKO/WKF World Championship, Madrid, Spain; Six Time National Karate Champion; Six Time AAU All-American; Inducted into the USA-NKF Hall of Fame, Competitor's Award; Inducted into the Karate Hall of Fame, Ohio Karate Assn.; Gold Medal, All Youth Japan Karate Championship, Yokohama, Japan; Awarded Outstanding Technician at International of France, Paris, France; Gold Medal, Pan American Championships, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles; Bronze Medal, World Games, Santa Clara, California; Silver Medal, International of France, Paris, France.

SEE OUR "SPECIAL" GUEST & THE 19 OTHER EXCELLENT AND DYNAMIC INSTRUCTORS from all over the U.S. Grandmaster Wally Jay said Super Summers is,"one of the best camps in the country."


** = New Staff Member

*= Returning to Staff after hiatus

Note:  Several of our staff were here last year, several are *RETURNING after not instructing for a year or more, and several are **NEW to Super Summers Staff.

TOM & DANA ARCURI, Herkimer, NY:  BIO: Tom and Dana Arcuri have 43 years of combined martial arts experience and been the full time directors of Bailey's Karate School in Herkimer, NY since 1991. They both enjoyed successful careers as competitors in forms and fighting  (semi and full contact). They provide professional Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) training at their school and throughout Central NY. Tom and Dana hold multiple certifications under world-renowned self-defense expert Tony Blauer (www.BlauerTactical.com), and are the program managers for Blauer Tactical System’s international PDR training team.   

SEMINAR TITLES:  "Be a Good Bad Guy - Role Playing Rules for Improved Self-Defense Training." and "Rage Attacks - Responding to the Ambush."

**CHARLES BARRETT, Nesconset, NY: BIO: Mr. Barrett has been training in martial arts since 1973, and currently is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do under Master Arthur Cohen.  He regularly trains in Arnis De Mano, Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, Il-Liq Chuan and Iaido. Mr. Barrett is a member of The United States Aikido Federation training under Master Howard Pashenz, and 3rd generation disciple and instructor, under Grand Master Sam Chin, I-Liq Chuan. Mr. Barrett is the creator of one of the first martial arts directories (1994) on the Internet. Dojos.com spreads the knowledge of many different martial arts to a worldwide audience.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Intro to I-Liq Chuan and the Spinning Hands." and "Intro to Aikido - Basics of Entering, Circling, & Capturing of Balance."

*DEREK BENEDICT, Newburgh, NY: BIO:  Derek Benedict has been training for over 22 years and holds an advanced rank in Classical Okinawan Budo and Kubuto under Kyoshi Joe Mansfield. He also is an advanced rank in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, and has for the last 16 years studied Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Intro to Tai Chi" and "Tai Chi Push Hands - Feel the Energy."

RON BROWN, Massena, NY:  BIOSensei Brown training  for over twenty five years under the guidance of Sensei Campos (ZDK Director), Sensei Gifford (Senior ZDK member), and Sensei Joel Kirch (direct instructor). Ron is a sixth dan in the Zen-Do Kai System, and has been running a karate dojo in Malone, NY for 20 years. He has been a regular winner at regional tournaments and assisted Sensei Campos when he instructed at Chuck Norris' UFAF Convention in 2000.   Ron currently directs the operation of the Northern New York Zen-Do Kai and assists with the Massena, Salmon River, Malone, and Joliette (Canada) clubs.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Developing Effective Sweeps & Takedowns" 1X

MARK CARDONA, Rochester, NY:  BIO: Sifu Cardona has been training in a variety of Chinese martial arts for nearly 20 years. The primary base for Wan Yi Chuan is a family art based on the traditional animal styles of Kung Fu. When he is not teaching classes at Renaissance Martial Arts you will most likely find him traveling to continue on the path of learning and also to share Wan Yi Chuan kung fu in seminars around the country.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Chinese Spear & Staff Techniques" & "White Crane Kung-Fu"

RAFFI & SUSAN DERDERIAN, Warwick, RI:  BIO: Raffi & Susan Derderian own and operate the Derderian Academy of Martial Arts. Raffi Derderian first discovered SSS in 1991.They have been teaching at SSS for several years.  Raffi began training in 1973 and has earned black belts in several arts - 7th Dan in Shinko-ryu Kempo and 6th Dan in Uechi-ryu Karate, 2nd Dan in Kenpo and 2nd Dan in Filipino Arts. He is a certified instructor of Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts. Susan started her training in 1991 with the study of Kenpo. She holds a 2nd Dan in both Kenpo and Shinko-ryu Kempo. She also has ranks in Filipino Kali and Jeet Kune Do.   www.derderian-academy.com

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "JuJitsu Locks & Flow Drill." and "Filipino Martial Arts."

RICK EIERDAM, Sugar Land, TX:  BIO: Rick Eierdam is a 4th degree Black Belt in the ZDK under Master Bob Gifford.  He has been instructing for over 16 years and is the  Founder of Texas Martial Arts.  He is also a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist thru Baylor Sports Medicine Institute (BSMI), and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Muscle Imbalance - Rehabilitation Exercises." and "Core Training - Abdominal Exercises, Resistance Training Guidelines."

**JAMES FLANAGAN, Ghent, NY:  BIO: Sensei Flanagan started at the Troy (NY) Judo Club when he was 9 years old under Sensei Fountain.  Later he studied Uechi-ryu Karate under Sensei Izzo in Albany.  For the last 6 years, Jim has taught children and adults at the Teryu dojo in Valatie, NY where students pay for instruction by performing community service.  Currently he trains under Sensei Slivienski and is a Mathematics/Computer Science teacher at Chatham High School in Chatham, NY.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Hey, I've Fallen and I Can Get Up!" and "Basic Knife & Club Defense."

*PAUL FRACCHIA, Glens Falls, NY:  BIO: Paul Fracchia  has been a student & instructor for 43 years.  He is a 7th dan in Seito Shito Ryu by the late Kenzo Mabuni. He was awarded the title of Shihan, master instructor in 1990. Master Fracchia holds blacks belt ranks in jujutsu, judo and kobudo. He is a former AAU national officer, International Certified Referee, Association and Regional Chairman for the AAU Karate Program.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Tai Sabaki - The art of moving effectively in a combat situation" and "High Energy Bo Staff - A unique method of handling the staff."

*ROBERT GIFFORD, Sugarland, TX:  BIO: Master Gifford started his martial arts career in Johnstown, NY with Sensei Campos in 1969.  He established the first ZDK programs in N-NY (Ogdensburg, Massena, Malone, Canton) after college and eventually moved to Texas to work for Mobil Oil.  Currently he is a full-time martial arts instructor with several clubs and several hundred students in the Houston area.  He is the senior ranking instructor in the ZDK and, as such, is inheritor of the system.

SEMINAR TOPIC: "Sai & Tonfa - Applications for Competition." 1X

SUSAN JACKSON, Orlando, FL:  BIO: Ms. Jackson has been training and teaching the Martial Arts for over 25 years.  She is ranked as a Godan under Master Robert Gifford, Houston, TX and is a Yodan in Tang Soo Do. She teaches at her Traditional Martial Arts Center in Orlando, FL.  Over the years she has competed in many tournaments in Texas and Florida in forms, weapons and sparring.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Weapons Sparring - Jo and Bo." 2X

*JOEL KIRCH, Chesterton, IN:  BIO Mr. Joel Kirch is ranked a 6th Dan in the ZDK and started as a student of Mr. Gifford (TX) in Ogdensburg, NY in the 1970's.  He directed the N-NY ZDK after Mr. Gifford left for TX in the early 1980's and taught all of the senior ZDK instructors in the N-NY region - Mr. Brown, Mr. Guccione, Mr. Pepe, & Mr. Perry.  Mr. Kirch was a member of the St. Lawrence County (NY) Sheriff's Dept. at one time in his career (Picture).  He is currently in Federal Law-Enforcement in Indiana.  He has over 25 years of law-enforcement experience and has trained members of the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marshal's & Air Marshal's in Defensive tactics.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  Reserve Instructor

*WADE KIRKPATRICK, Houston, TX:  BIO Wade Kirkpatrick, a ZDK Godan, has been a student of Sensei Robert Gifford since 1982. He is the Chief Instructor of Texas Martial Arts in Katy, Texas. A rated competitor, Kirkpatrick has won 8 Texas State Champion Titles in Sparring, Weapons Kata, Kata & Musical Kata. In 1997 Kirkpatrick was awarded the prestigious Golden Greek Award for best all-around competitor in Texas. Wade is currently training & competing in Muay Thai  under instructor Kru Pong. Kirkpatrick has worked for Chuck Norris' KickStart (Kick Drugs Out Of America) program for ten years and serves as the KickStart Area 3 Team Leader in Houston.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Bo Basics & Partner Drills I" & "Bo Basics & Partner Drills II."

CHRIS LACAVA, Stratford, CT:  BIO: Training in the martial arts for over 20 years, Sensei LaCava teaches Jung Ki Hapkido.  He currently travels to Korea each year to train with the most senior student of the founder of Hapkido, Grand Master Hyun-Soo Lim.  Master Lim is one of only three people in the world to earn his 9th dan from the founder of Hapkido.  Sensei LaCava graduated from one of the oldest schools of acupuncture in the United States, Tri-State College of Acupuncture, and has been accepted for a 2 year clinical internship with Emilie Connor, PT, L.Ac. for Kiiko Matsumoto Method of Japanese Acupuncture.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Power from the Center." and "Intro to Acupressure." PLUS "Skeletal Freezing - Controlling an Opponents Center."

JOE MANSFIELD, Poughkeepsie, NY:  BIO Joe Mansfield is a senior Black Belt under Taika Seiyu Oyata RyuTe Renmei, and senior member of Oyata Shin Shu Ho, family of Classical Okinawa Martial Arts and Kobu-jutsu. He is the President of the Martial Arts for the Handicapable of Greater New York, Inc. Founder of the FIELDS STIK (civilian kobutan) and inventor the patent PS H.A.T. garment, (personal safety self defense hat). Mansfield has trained with and befriended many of the great masters of yesterday and today, he credits them all before, during and after he teaches. Quote “When I am not instructing, I am listening and watching. You grow by sharing, divide by comparing”

 SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Strong Hand Drill - One Technique That Defends Against All Attacks." and "Atemi Jitsu - Attack the Aggression, Then The Aggressor."

**DR. JAMIE OSTROV, Buffalo, NY:  BIO: Jamie Ostrov has been training in traditional Japanese Karate since 1986. He holds the rank of Sandan with the ZDK as a member of Pinney's American Karate/Colgate University. He has taught karate and self defense to children and adults in Philadelphia, Minneapolis and across NY. Dr. Ostrov is a past recipient of the ZDK "Man of the Year" Award. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University at Buffalo where he studies the development of aggressive behavior.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Teaching Children with Behavioral Problems (e.g. Aggression & ADHD)." and "Teaching Children Martial Arts and Competitive Sport."

ROBERT PINNEY, Hamilton, NY:  SSS FACILITATOR - Bob & the woman who puts up with him, his wife Grace.  Sensei Pinney is the martial arts program coordinator for Colgate University and a ZDK member.  He instructs at Colgate and at his club in Sherburne, NY.  He works hard to make sure Super Summers runs smoothly by taking care of any bumps in the road during the weekend.  If you see him, thank him for his efforts!

**JOHN PECORA, Mayfield, NY:  BIO: While with the NYCDOC-ERU (SWAT) he led a team of elite officers in the rescue of a female hostage in NYC and was awarded the Medal of Commendation by the NYCDOC and NYC Mayor Dinkins. He was the Defensive tactics and Forced Entry Instructor for the ERU (Swat) Team.  He was responsible for organizing a Football Team (New York's Boldest), Boxing Team, and Police Olympics for the 15,000 member NYC Corrections Department.  A.K.A. - Johnny Thunder, he boxed as an amateur & professional and compiled a record of 21 wins 3 losses.  He was the NY Metropolitan Games Super Heavyweight Champion, NYC Golden Gloves, and trained with the U.S. Olympic Boxing team.  He was also the Governor of the Heisman Memorial Trophy Executive Committee from '98-'01.

SEMINAR TOPICS: "Introduction to Boxing - Footwork, Stance, Basic Techniques." 2X

**LAZARO SANTOS, Orlando, FL:  BIO: Born in Bahia, Brazil, Founded Capoiera Brazilian Pelourinho in 1995. He started training at an early age and is a well know Mestre of Capoiera in the State of Florida. Come and experience the great techniques of a Capoiera Master!! For addl. info:  www.capoeirabrazilpelo.net

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "Intro to Capoiera - the Brazilian Martial Art." 2X

ROBERT STREETER, Johnstown, NY:  BIO: Sensei Streeter started training over twenty years ago and achieved shodan rank in Shaolin Kempo before joining the Zen Do Kai.  In July of 2000, he was awarded the rank of Godan in the ZDK at the Super Summers Seminars annual testing.  He also trains in Iaido with Sensei Kiyonaga of the Meitokukan School in Schenectady, NY, and was awarded the rank of Nidan in February, 2004.  He and his wife, Bonnie, operate the American Zen Do Kai school in Johnstown, NY.  Established by Sensei Campos in 1974, the Johnstown ZDK is one of the oldest continuously operating martial arts clubs in upstate NY.

SEMINAR TOPICS: "Intro to Iaido." and "Intro to Kendo."

KEVIN SUGGS, White Plains, NY:  BIO Sensei Kevin Suggs is a 5th Degree black belt in USA Goju Karate, Chief Instructor of the Port Chester (NY) Karate Club, and instructor at SUNY Purchase campus.  He instructs a diverse group of students and is responsible for instructing beginners in the art of self-defense, including all forms and requirements to Black Belt. In addition, Sensei Suggs provides  supplemental training to the advanced Black Belts in the Southern Westchester region of the North Eastern Martial Arts Council (NEMAC).  He was recently accepted as a student in the Pekiti Tirsia Kali system (headed by Tuhon Leo Gaje), under Guro Douglas Mercaida and is a Certified Tactical Master Instructor for CDT Non-Deadly Force Training Commission.

SEMINAR TOPICS:  "USA Goju Form - Empi-ha" and "Aiki-Jitsu Defense & Counters"




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