ADDED 12/5/06:  Sensei Campos had the honor of visiting Ms. Gail Tolley's Capital Area Martial Arts Club on 12/4.  She instructs a small group of very dedicated students in Albany, NY and had been a part of the ZDK, as a student, twenty years ago.  We spent a little time getting to know the students and working on some self-defense skills.  Another session is planned for the future.

Sensei Campos & Lt. Mark Gifford of the Johnstown, NY  Police Dept. presented a personal protection class for Lexington Center on 12/5.  The class covered common-sense strategies for staying safe on the street, in your car, house, etc.  They also covered several simple physical techniques.  Lexington donated a check at Mr. Campos' request for the Wounded Warrior Project in appreciation for the program.

ADDED 12/3/06The special seminars at the Johnstown, NY ZDK dojo went excellently and we filled to our limit of 25 participants.  Sensei Campos instructed the morning session covering basics and Sensei Streeter taught the afternoon tournament kata session.  The weather cooperated and it was great to see our newest member Sensei Jerry Charbonneau (Forestport, NY) attend with some of his members.  Other ZDK Course Instructors in attendance included Mr. & Mrs. Guccione (Canton, NY), Mr. Cox (Cherry Valley, NY), & Clarke Wallin representing  Ms. Bagnall's GDMA club (Greene, NY).  Additionally a number of black, brown, and lower belts were there from HQ & the other clubs.  We would like to thank everyone who came to spend the day in training.  Have a great holiday! 

Who is the guy to the right of Mr. T?

ADDED 11/19/06We have the beginnings of a New Generation of ZDK Warriors at HQ in Johnstown.  Rick Bowne, one of our original members, has his 5 year old son training in Mrs. Streeter's class.  Rick reminded Sensei Campos that he was the first person to test at the ZDK studio after it opened in 1974!  Rick went on to get his black belt after numerous bumps and bruises (mostly due to his good friend SH).  Rick lives in Johnstown with his wife, Sheree, and the new warrior pictured with Mrs. Streeter.

ADDED 10/31/06We have been busy this Oct. 


Sensei Campos would like to thank Sensei Suggs for the invitation to instruct a 3-hour self-defense seminar at his club in Westchester, NY (State Univ. of NY - Purchase, NY).  He arrived Fri and had a great meal at the Suggs house (there was even hot water this time!!).  That evening some of Mr. Suggs students came over to hang out.  Saturday morning we were at the campus teaching a great group of instructors and students.  We could have easily gone 1-2 more hours as we were just getting warmed up but had to meet a facility deadline.  It was great to have several SSS instructors attend including   Mark Cardona who came 5 hours from Rochester, Chris LaCava from CT, Chris Dammann from Long Island, and "Smiling" Joe Ansah from CT.  We also had several senior Goju instructors in attendance including GM Ralph Viggiano, who was a student of Johnny Kuhl (Martial Arts History buffs will know the name instantly), and Steve Moliterno who was a skillful & willing UKE for Sensei Campos for most of the event.  After the seminar everyone went out to eat and socialize.  Mr. Suggs has to be proud of the great group of students he has.  Many thanks for the wonderful hospitality.


Pictures:  (L) Steve Moliterno, Sensei Campos, GM Ralph Viggiano.  (R) The black belt participants of the seminar.


On Tues. 10/24 Sensei Campos had the opportunity to instruct as one of the presenters at the annual Colgate University Women's Self-Defense program.  This series of classes covers many topics and has about ten participants.  There were also several members of Mr. Pinney's club in attendance.  Afterwards Sensei Campos spent two hours reviewing curriculum with Mr. Pinney and his students.  Check out the following link for pictures of the S-D presentation:


Note:  Many thanks to Lorna Wilson, a black belt member of PAK, for taking the pictures and creating the  presentation above.


Unfortunately, Sensei Campos had to miss the Herkimer, NY Tournament hosted by Tom & Dana Arcuri on 10/14/06.  He heard it was a great event and, as always, well run and friendly.  Congratulations to the Arcuri's on another successful event.

ADDED 10/9/06Thur-Sun, 10/5-10/8/06 saw Sensei Campos traveling to Houston, TX to present a seminar, oversee testing, and attend Bob Gifford's Safety America Tournament.  Sensei's annual visit to Texas has been a tradition for about three decades and he truly appreciates Mr. Gifford's loyalty and support for so many years.

The seminar Thursday evening was packed with 65 participants and the topic was self-defense with some small-circle finger locks thrown in at the request of Mr. Gifford.  Friday evening was Black Belt testing and saw four Junior Black Belts receive their adult level rank.  Saturday was the annual Safety America Benefit Tournament which had 240 competitors and was held right at the Safety America dojo.  As always it was great to see everyone including June Gifford, Bill Hickl, Susan Jackson (FL), Bob Ryan, Wade Kirkpatrick, Paul Obmaces, Rick Eierdam, Shawn Vicknair (Count Dante), Sean Brauen, and many other black belt members of the TX ZDK.  Many thanks to all for making the trip such a great experience.

ADDED 9/29/06On Sept. 23 Sensei Campos had the opportunity to visit the N-NY ZDK for the bi-annual seminar program.  It was great seeing all of the instructors and students again.  Many thanks to Mr. Brown & Mr. Perry for arranging his visit.  The children's & adults seminars went well and were well attended and the participants were enthusiastic.  Thank you all for supporting this event.

NEW MEMBER:  We would like to welcome Sensei Jerry Charbonneau as a new affiliated Course Instructor in the ZDK.  He was recommended to us by Greg Troup (SSS Photographer).  Sensei Charbonneau teaches Shorin-Ryu Karate in Forestport, NY.

ADDED 9/20/06:  Congratulations to Sensei Vicki Gillen on being inducted into the Rome, NY Hall of Fame for her martial arts accomplishments.  Here is an excerpt from the article which appeared in the local paper on July 28: 

"Gillen was a martial arts competitor for over 20 years. She won numerous grand championship awards on the professional karate circuit, was rated the No. 1 woman fighter and No. 1 women's form competitor in the New York-New Jersey Region, and was ranked in the top 10 nationally. She won the Canadian Nationals in 1988, and in 1995, when she earned her fifth-degree black belt, she was named Woman of the Year by an international martial arts association. Gillen, who opened Bailey's Karate School in 1980, was honored by the Rome Police Department in 2005 for "her tireless efforts to keep the children of our community safe." 

ADDED 9/11/06September 11th has arrived and after five years we are still embroiled in the fight with enemies determined to attack us again.  We undoubtedly will have to continue on this path for many years to come.  Those of you interested in helping our troops in some small way are urged to support The Wounded Warrior Project.  This organization assists severely wounded soldiers from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  Go to their website:  www.woundedwarriorproject.org to see how you can help.

MISC:  Sensei Campos has just returned from a two week trip to Canada.  It was a nice break and while there he visited several clubs and also was invited to instruct at Randy Veinotte's club in Halifax.  The students were great and Sensei Veinotte has invited Sensei to come up north again to do a full seminar.  We look forward to the opportunity and would like to thank all of the Canadian martial artists we met for their hospitality.

Fall tends to be a busy season for seminars, tournaments, etc.  Please go to the Calendar page for upcoming events.

ADDED 8/7/06:  Our 24th Annual Super Summer Seminars Martial Arts Camp was another great weekend of training and fun at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY.  All of the approximately 200 participants and staff had a good time in spite of the monsoon we had all day Saturday.  Sunday was typical SSS weather - sunny & warm.  All of the evaluations and people who spoke to us were excited and pleased about the entire weekend.  Tokey Hill was popular and we will certainly consider having him come back in the future.  Many thanks to everyone for helping to make SSS a success for 24 years!

FRIDAY TESTING:  As always we had testing on Fri. morning of SSS and would like to thank those who assisted and congratulate the following candidates on achieving Black Belt rank:

SHODAN:  Tammy Behr (Mr. Cox/Cherry Valley, NY ZDK).

NIDAN:  Pam Branigan & John Pezzino (Ms. Bagnall/Green Dragon Martial Arts, Greene, NY).

SANDAN:  Sean Brauen & Shawn Vicknair (Mr. Gifford/Safety America, Sugar Land, TX).


"I just wanted to tell you again in addition to my evaluation that I had another great weekend at SSS. I have noticed that each year that goes by I seem to take home more and more techniques that I have learned at SSS. Thanks again for putting another informative, fun-filled weekend together."

ADDED 6/27/06:  We would like to thank Sensei Jeff Melander for hosting Sensei Campos at his club in Ballston Spa, NY on Sat. 6/24/06.  Sensei Campos instructed a kid's seminar and afterwards did a 2-1/2 hour self-defense seminar for adults.  There were non-martial artists and everyone from white to black belt ranks in attendance.  In addition to Mr. Melander's Red Dragon students, Mr. Brooks (BKS-W. Winfield, NY) was there with a couple of students, as well as, students from Mr. Pearlman's group.  Afterwards we had a relaxing lunch and, since the day was nice, went to the local golf course and pretended to play.

ADDED 6/4/06:  We have been busy here with several requests to present at area schools and just completed a personal safety program at Warren St. Elementary School in Johnstown, NY this past Thursday.  We do these events as a public service and they are always popular with the students.  Mr. Cox recently informed us that he did a presentation for the Cherry Valley, NY schools as well.

Speaking of Mr. Cox, he hosted Sensei Campos on Sat. June 3 at his club in Cherry Valley for a seminar on self-defense and kata.  Nineteen instructors and students from Johnstown (HQ), Cobleskill (ZDK), Sherburne (PAK), and Cherry Valley (ZDK) braved the torrential rain to train for the day.  Many thanks to those who supported the event and to Mr. Cox for hosting it.

ADDED 5/21/06: Under the category of Why We Do This:  We recently received this email from a former student - Hello, I just wanted to write you and say thank you for the years I spent attending ZDK in Johnstown from 1982 - 1986. The discipline I developed as a child while attending ZDK has been useful to me in my career as a computer programmer/manager.  It is nice to see you are still practicing.  I wish you the best.
Jeff Morey

ADDED 5/20/06:  On Fri. May 19 Sensei Campos, Ian Santangelo, Arlene Card, Lt. Mark Gifford (JPD), & Matt Sminicski from the ZDK HQ kids class presented 3 seminars on self-defense to the 7th & 8th Graders at Knox Junior HS in Johnstown, NY.  This was another in a series of community service programs designed to familiarize local students with the benefits of martial arts training and with practical advice and techniques for self-protection.  Upcoming events in June include 2 more school presentations and a program for seniors at Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville, NY sponsored by Healthlink.

ADDED 5/17/06:  On Mon. 5/15 over 200 Middle School girls representing 15 schools from Fulton, Montgomery, & Hamilton counties attended the Sister to Sister Conference at Fulton-Montgomery Community College.  ZDK instructors Sensei Campos, Bonnie Streeter, Arlene Card, Harry Tomlinson, & Mark Gifford were on hand to instruct basic self-defense to them.  The day-long program included 17 different seminars.  This was the 7th consecutive year the the ZDK has been invited to present at this event.  What is nice is that every seminar is chosen by the participants and the self-defense session has always been popular.

ADDED 5/8/06:  We would like to welcome a new member in the ZDK, Mr. Bruno Daniele from Syracuse, NY.  Sensei Daniele has over 20 years experience in Kempo and USA Goju.  We appreciate the trust he has placed in us and look forward to working with him as a ZDK member.

ADDED 5/7/06:  Sensei Campos had a wonderful time visiting the N-NY ZDK members on the weekend of 5/5-5/7. Congratulations to Frank Quimby (instructed by Andre Secore) on achieving Shodan and to Bruce Kenna (instructed by Dave Guccione) on his Nidan promotion.  Both candidates did a great job on Fri evening and at ages 42 and 53 respectively certainly demonstrated the commitment and fortitude necessary.

On Sat. Sensei Campos presented a seminar for the children and one for the adults.  The children were really enthusiastic and energetic.

The adult seminar (picture) was full and everyone worked hard on the new curriculum material.  We even got some time at the end just for the black belts.  It was nice seeing several members of the Canadian ZDK come down with their instructors Mr. Brunette and Martel.

Sat. evening was the 2nd Annual N-NY Awards Banquet where many students received well-deserved awards.  The last event was "golfing in the Arctic" early Sun. morning.  Just because the temperature went down to 22 degrees on Sat. night didn't stop Mr. Brown, Tim Langdon, Andre Secore, and Sensei Campos from getting out on the course.

It was great to see all the instructors and students and Sensei Campos appreciates their hard work and support.

ADDED 4/24/06Sensei Campos instructed the Gloversville/Johnstown Emergency Response Team (SWAT) on long-gun retention techniques on Fri. 4/21.  The team came with their weapons and left with a lot of enthusiasm.  Lt. Mark Gifford, of the Johnstown PD, noted that the techniques we taught were identical to the material he learned at the FBI Defensive Tactics school he recently completed. Plans are now being made for training every 3-4 months.

On Sat. 4/22 Mr. Campos, Brian Cox (Cherry Valley, NY ZDK), and Keith Stevenson (Cobleskill, NY ZDK) all traveled down to Cathie Bagnall's Greene, NY club to attend testing.  Congratulations to Lucas Osborne on achieving 1st Kyu and, Julie Lenga on being promoted to Shodan.  The energy and commitment of everyone at Greene Dragon is always exceptional.  Everyone on the test board also enjoyed the wonderful dinner at Baron's Inn after testing!

Wade Kirkpatrick sent us a message recently:  He hosted his first tournament and had a little over 200 competitors on April 1st at Stevenson Middle School in Houston, TX.   It was organized with John Kurek’s Chun Kuk Do (Chuck Norris System) club. He also got married on March 17th to Karen Ivy and is very happy - she runs the books, attendance, orders, etc. for our dojo here in Katy, TX. Dojo is doing great and he plans on having a summer camp during June.  We congratulate Wade on his marriage and success with the new dojo.  He is instructing at SSS this year and we look forward to seeing him in July.

ADDED 4/19/06:  Sensei Campos had a great time visiting Ms. Jackson's club in Orlando while he was in Florida.  All the members of her Traditional Martial Arts Club are always energetic and enthusiastic.  He also had an opportunity to meet Guro Raffy Pambuan, an expert in Arnis and the knife.  All in all it was a great visit and he appreciated the invitation to instruct.

ADDED 4/3/06Steve Pearlman hosted the 6th Annual Saratoga Martial Arts Festival on 4/1-4/2 and Sensei Campos was one of the seminar presenters on Sunday.  Also instructing and/or attending were regular SSS staff members, Mark Cardona, Joe Mansfield, & Jeff Melander.  Many thanks to Brian Cox, Cherry Valley ZDK, for offering his body as Sensei's Uke but he kept falling down!!(Picture).  Congratulations to Mr. Pearlman on another fine event.

ADDED 3/30/06: Sensei Campos is instructing an 8 hour Women's Self-Defense program at Fulton-Montgomery Community College in Johnstown, NY.  Ten participants enrolled and all have been enthusiastic about the program which ends on Tues, April 4.  There are two mother-daughter teams in the class and several have expressed an interest in more training.  They have all developed more confidence and awareness during the program.  Many thanks to Arlene Card, JPD-Lt. Mark Gifford, and Richard Schuyler from the Johnstown ZDK for their help and assistance with the program.

ADDED 3/26/06: TESTING:  Congratulations to Clark Wallin on achieving SANDAN (3rd Dan) rank at a demanding test on Fri. 3/24.  He demonstrated, at 52, the fortitude and skill necessary for advanced black belt rank.  Clark is the husband of Cathie Bagnall, owner and chief instructor of the Greene Dragon Martial Arts club in Greene, NY.  Many thanks to the test board and the people who assisted on the test.

SEMINARS:  Sat. 3/25 saw a capacity crowd of 40 participants on hand for the two seminars offered for the weekend.  Mr. Streeter taught "Improving Your Kata" and Sensei Campos covered all the new curriculum changes in the ZDK System.  The feedback from everyone was very positive and the instructors in attendance all expressed an interest in trying out the new material immediately upon returning to their dojos.

Many thanks to the ZDK System and interested Affiliated Instructors and many Black & Brown Belts who came to learn.  Chief Instructors includedRocco Alianiello (Altoona, PA), Ron Brown (Malone, NY), Brian Cox (Cherry valley, NY), Dave Guccione (Canton, NY), Dave Pepe & Vince Perry (Massena, NY), Bob Pinney (Hamilton, NY), Keith Stevenson (Cobleskill, NY), Bob & Bonnie Streeter (Johnstown, NY), & Clark Wallin representing Ms. Bagnall/GDMA (Greene, NY).

Both nights we all did some socializing and celebrating at the Holiday Inn.  Now that we do not host an annual awards banquet program it is much easier to enjoy the company of everyone who makes the effort to attend this event.  Thank you.

ADDED 3/13/06Sensei Daniel Brunette and Real Martel hosted Sensei Campos for 2 seminars on Sat. 3/11/06 in Joliette, Quebec.  The day started with a children's seminar which focused on developing basics and ended with some self-defense techniques geared to younger students.  After lunch the adults took the floor for a 2.5 hour program focused on empty-hand and weapons (Knife/Gun) defenses.  As always, the Canadians were enthusiastic and motivated to learn and train as evidenced by the sweat they left on the floor.  Everyone also seemed to enjoy the eye-hand coordination drills that were covered.  Mr. Ron Brown & His son-in-law "Tiny" Tim Langdon drove over from Massena, NY in the "Caddy" to assist.  Since this was Mr. Brown's Birthday (we won't tell his age) everyone was treated to some delicious baked goods (Ron got a cake!!) and a demo by several students including Michael Jolley, a member of the Canadian National Karate Team and a black belt member of the club.  Special thanks to Annick Gaudet "the brown belt baker" for her wonderful additions to the menu!  After a day of hard work we all went out for a great meal and some good conversation.  Many thanks to the Canadian ZDK for their hospitality and to Ron & Tim for coming to help.  All in all it was a great weekend!

ADDED 3/6/06Sensei Bob Pinney's Colgate University Tournament held on 3/4/06 was the largest event in the 10 year history of the tournament.  Approximately 145 competitors were on hand to have a good time and test their martial arts skills.  The day got started around 11 am with the singing of the National Anthem by Ethan Waterman and ended at approx. 4 pm with Black Belt sparring.  The event ran smoothly thanks to the assistance of a number of instructors & black belts who worked hard all day.  Senior ZDK Instructors on hand included Mr. Cox, Mr. Tomlinson, & Mr. StreeterMr. Campos was on hand to arbitrate.  Congratulations to Mr. Pinney on a fun and friendly 10th anniversary event.

ADDED 2/26/06:  Sensei Campos and his wife had a great time last night at the kick off for Pete Lopez (& wife Lisa) for NYS Assembly gathering at Boreali's Restaurant near Cobleskill, NY.  If Pete wins he will be the first ZDK Black Belt holding a state office!  On hand were other ZDK Black Belts including Art Boreali (& Michelle) who are part of the election team, Carl Christman (& Heidi), Tony & Shawn Irvin (who recently stopped by to visit Jeff Melander at his dojo in Ballston Spa, NY - Tony is his original instructor), and Keith Stevenson (& Judy).  Pete has been active in local politics for years and has worked for several officials in Albany.  We look forward to hearing that Pete is successful in his effort.  In his speech he noted how important his martial arts training has been to him.  It was great having an opportunity to see our members and meet many new people who support his run for office.  Good Luck!

ADDED 2/20/06Note from Sensei Campos:  I turn 62 on 2/22/06 and, if I want, I can start to get Social Security.  It is amazing how quickly the years have flown by.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have met many great people through the arts and hopefully had a small impact on the people I have trained and mentored.  I view things differently than I did when I started training at 15, opened my studio and turned the big 30, or even at 45 or 55 years of age.  While life has provided a few minor bumps in the road, I have remained an optimist.  Change is natural and inevitable, so I try to apply the lessons I have learned, set new goals, and move ahead.  To all those who are ZDK members and to those of you who have enjoyed the programs we sponsor - thank you for your support!


Congratulations to the following member schools on achieving ZDK Top Schools status.  Thank you for all your support in 2005 and we look forward to working with you in 2006!









ADDED 2/6/06:  Larry & Laura Brooks hosted their annual Friendship Tournament in W. Winfield, NY on 2/5/06.  The event was attended by over 200 competitors and ran problem free.  There were several new instructors and clubs in attendance but everyone seemed to have a great time and got out the door well before the Super Bowl kick-off.  As always, Tom & Dana Arcuri & Vicki Gillen were on hand to organize rings and keep things on schedule.  It was great seeing so many ZDK clubs and instructors assisting and competing.  Some of the more senior ranking ZDK instructors attending were, Mr. & Mrs. Streeter, Harry Tomlinson, Brian Cox, Keith Stevenson, Cathie Bagnall, Clark Wallin, Jeff Melander, & Troy Rodman.  There were also a large number of black belts from the three Bailey's Karate clubs and others who assisted as judges and helped make the day exciting and enjoyable for every person there.  Congratulations on another fine event!

ADDED 2/2/06Sensei Bob Pinney hosted a visit by Sensei Campos for testing at his Sherburne, NY club on 2/1/06.  The event ran smoothly and we had a nice visit.  It is always great to be invited to have the opportunity to visit, meet club members, and observe testing.  We look forward to seeing PAK students at Sunday's Friendship Tournament (2/5/06) in W. Winfield, NY.  The only criticism is that Mr. Pinney needs to work on his Italian accent!!

ADDED 1/23/06:  If anyone is interested in contacting members of the U.S. Marine Corp anywhere in the world, you can use this link to send a message: www.mcrdpi.usmc.pi  Open and link to Motomail, login, type the message using a military address and a typed hard copy will be mailed to the Marine usually in 3 to 5 days. There is no charge for this service!  We would like to thank Joe Inglese of the Johnstown dojo for providing this information.  His daughter is a Marine!

ADDED 1/12/06:  On Wed. 1/11/06 Sensei Campos, along with Ian Santangelo, Richard Schuyler, & Lt. Mark Gifford (JPD) from the Johnstown ZDK, presented three seminars at the Choices Conference at Fulton Montgomery Community College.  Approximately 45 H.S. students from Fulton-Montgomery-Hamilton county schools took the classes which covered basic self-defense.  Sensei has presented at this program since it began approx. 15 years ago.  The program is hosted by the Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Council.

ADDED 1/04/06Many thanks to those of you who took the time to send Travis McConnell a card or message (see last news item for 2005 below).  Here is his response:

Dear Mr. Campos and ZDK members,
Thank you all for your support.  I have received multiple letters and cards from members of your fine organization.  I am very pleased to be a part of this great family.  Thank you very much for standing by and supporting me and the rest of the Services.  I hope to be in a ZDK classroom again sometime but as for now I will have to settle for the training the Marine Corps has to offer.  Thank you all again for what you have done and continue to do.  Take care. LCpl McConnell, Travis

We wish Travis and everyone serving overseas the best and hope they all come home safely soon.


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