ADDED 12/12/05If you would like to send a message to our troops serving overseas below are some websites that have information also you can send a note to:

Travis McConnell, a member of Cathie Bagnall's club is serving in Iraq.  He would certainly get a lift if he received a card or message of support from his ZDK family or anyone reading this.


LCpl. McConnell, Travis J.
5/14 MP CO HQ 1st PLT
Unit 72302
FPO AE 09509-2302
Also:  The following websites will accept donations that will go directly to the troops serving overseas:

Have a great Holiday Season and a happy New Year!

M. Campos

ADDED 12/4/05:  Sensei Campos traveled to Cranston, R.I. the weekend of 12/2/05 to present a seminar at the Derderian Academy of Martial Arts.  His hosts, Raffi & Susan Derderian (long time SSS instructors) had a full schedule of events planned, including an opportunity to observe a JKD examination that left no doubt about the skills of the three candidates who tested.  After the 2.5 hour test there was a short break and it was time for the 3 hour seminar.  Approximately 20 participants, most of whom were Black Belts, from several area clubs came to share and learn.  The primary topic was handgun disarms followed by some basic self-defense techniques.  The group of participants were motivated and it was great to see the people who had tested in the morning participate.  After the seminar it was off to the 1st Derderian Academy Banquet where rank was awarded and everyone had lots to eat.  We are proud to officially welcome Raffi Derderian into the ZDK.  He has senior rank and over 31 years of experience in Uechi-Ryu, Kempo, JKD, Kali, and other arts.  His commitment, professionalism, and dedication to quality instruction were obvious.  Congratulations to the JKD test candidates on a great job!!!

ADDED 11/19/05:  Approximately 70 Fulton-Montgomery-Hamilton County BOCES Criminal Justice students attended two 2-hour Defensive Tactics classes instructed by Mr. Campos yesterday.  This is the 3rd year that he has been invited to teach the DT portion of the program which is ultimately designed to prepare the students for a career in law-enforcement.  John Pecora, the BOCES Criminal Justice course instructor, is a retired NYC DOC officer and was in charge of training for staff at Riker's Island.  Channel 9 News from Albany and the Leader-Herald newspaper came to do a story on the Criminal Justice program & DT session.  Campos was assisted by Lt. Mark Gifford of the Johnstown PD and, Richard Schuyler, ZDK HQ Brown Belt and Animal Control Officer for the city of Gloversville.

ADDED 11/14/05:  Eight officers of the Johnstown Police Department (NY) spent the afternoon of Thurs. 11/10 practicing Holstered Handgun Retention techniques under the direction of Mr. Campos.  The class covered SRC tactics and was well received by the participants.  Bob Streeter, Chief Instructor of the ZDK club in Johnstown, was kind enough to allow the use of his studio and was there to assist.  This class was a follow-up to the gun defense class held last March and another class is planned for 2006.

ADDED 10/29/05:  Mr. Campos and Mr. Tomlinson from HQ had the honor of attending Black Belt testing at Pinney's American Karate (PAK) in Sherburne, NY on Fri. 10/28.  Two surprise visitors, Jaime Ostrov, a ZDK black belt, Colgate graduate, and now an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Buffalo State Univ. and, Keiko Yoshino, a PAK/ZDK black belt and student at Mt. Holyoke College in MA. were also in attendance.  Mr. Pinney and his staff, including Heath Waterman, did a great job of getting the three candidates ready.  Congratulations to Lisa Hoyle & Kenji Yoshino on achieving Shodan rank, and Ethan Waterman on passing his 3rd level Junior Black Belt exam.  The families, students, and spectators were treated to a demonstration of dedication and fortitude that left no doubt in anyone's mind that they all passed!

ADDED 10/24/05Congratulations to Jim Overholt, Matt Ivory, & Justin Lanza (Jr. Black) on achieving their Black Belt Certification through the ZDK.  They train at Tom & Dana Arcuri's Bailey's Karate in Herkimer, NY.

ADDED 10/23/05:     The Diamond Valley Classic Tournament held Sat. 10/22 at Herkimer Community College was, as always, well attended and well run.  Tom & Dana Arcuri, Vicki Gillen, & Larry & Laura Brooks always do a top notch job of organizing and executing this event.  ZDK Course Instructors out working on the floor included, Bob & Bonnie Streeter of HQ, Bob Pinney of Colgate Univ., Brian Cox from the Coby & Cherry Valley ZDK, Jeff Melander from Red Dragon Karate, and Troy Rodman from Bailey's in Cortland.  Additionally there were a large number of black belts from various clubs assisting with judging.  It was nice to see Tim Bass from the N-NY ZDK group make the journey down from the cold north.  Unfortunately he took a wrong turn and was late arriving with his group of competitors but, in spite of the fact that he is recovering from TWO knee replacements, he never complains.  Every black belt should have his attitude!    Sensei Campos would like to thank the Arcuri's for their hospitality and for running such a nice event.

 A LITTLE TOURNAMENT ETIQUETTE HISTORY:  Since there is now a rule for black belts requiring that they must judge in order to compete, the need to coerce instructors to assist is unnecessary - unless you consider the rule a method of coercion.  If we examine the expectations from the "old" days, assisting at a tournament where you or your students were competing was considered a responsibility and a privilege.  It was common for most, if not all, of the black belts in a club to go to an event ready and willing to assist.  That was almost an unwritten law.  It was what enabled everyone to go home at a decent hour since there were times, in the early days, when there were not as many black belts as there are today.  Chief Instructors who come to an event to "watch and support" their students from the bleachers are sending a very clear message to all the black belts (many of whom are not competing) who are out on the floor working.  The result is that they are perceived negatively and they are marginalized.  The fact that a person wears a black belt does not automatically confer on him or her respect from his/her peers.  Respect comes from professional behavior.

ADDED 10/18/05:  The N-NY ZDK seminars instructed by Sensei Campos and held on 10/15/05 were a great success thanks to the effort of all the instructors and students.  The children's class was fun and all the kids were tired by the time class ended.  The beginner & advanced adult classes were combined and had approximately 50 participants of all ranks.  The 3 hour class covered several topics including continuous knife attacks and ended with Sanchin Kata.  Sensei Campos reviewed the newest ZDK system kata, Kanshu Sandan, with several Black Belts after class.  As always, the hospitality shown by the N-NY group was wonderful.  Many thanks to Mr. Perry, who in the absence of Mr. Brown, managed to do an excellent job of organizing the event.  Mr. Cox, from the Cherry Valley ZDK, attended with several students.  They drove up and back in one day to participate and we appreciated their dedication.  Also in attendance was Mr. Guccione & Lisa Caswell with several new members of the Canton ATC ZDK club.  We are glad to see that the club is re-invigorated.  Amazingly Mr. Bass showed up with his two new knees and took class!!  You will never hear that man whine about anything and watching him work out while he could have easily sat the class out was inspirational.  Black belts including Jovan Germano, Bruce Kenna, Cheri Langdon, Dave Pepe, Andre Secore, and others helped to make the class interesting.  Dinner Sat. night with Mr. Guccione, Ms. Caswell, Mr. Perry (& Jerri), and Mr. Brown (just back from vacation) was a nice ending to a great weekend.

ADDED 10/10/05:  The information in this update covers 8/05-10/05 events.

8/28/05Sensei Campos was in Greene, NY to attend testing and present a seminar on How To Judge Kata & Sparring at a Tournament.  He also helped Ms. Bagnall's students develop their presentation skills for tournaments.  As always, the members of the Greene Dragon Martial Arts club were great to work with and we all had a good time.

9/10/05:  Congratulations to MS. Danica Blanchard on achieving Jr. Black Belt rank at Mr. Melander's Red Dragon Karate Club in Ballston Spa, NY.  Sensei Campos was there to sit on the board and was very impressed with her performance.  After the test Mr. Melander and Mr. Campos finally got to golf after five years of trying.  In the past it rained each time Sensei Campos was in Ballston Spa but this time the weather was perfect.  Many thanks to Mr. Melander for his hospitality and invitation.

9/16-10/9/05:  What an adventure!  For three weeks Mr. & Mrs. Campos were on the road for business and pleasure.  The amazing part was that after 4657 miles, they never got stuck in a traffic jam or had bad weather (unless you consider 103 degrees and over for 6 days in a row bad weather).  The first leg of their trip took them to Altoona, PA and Progressive Martial Arts.  Instructors Rocco Alianiello & Todd Steiner were great hosts and the seminar on self-defense went well.  It was great seeing all the PA black belts that are at Super Summers every year and to have a chance to meet the other students.  Mr. Steve Pearlman was also on hand as he now lives about an hour from Altoona. They then went to MD to see their daughter Amy & her black belt fiancé Dave for a day.  Then it was off to Asheville, NC to visit the Biltmore Estate.  After that it was Memphis and the Heartbreak Hotel next to Graceland (Elvis liked fancy karate uniforms).  They were able to go down to Beal St. to eat some real BBQ and listen to some Memphis blues.  From there the plan was to go to Texarkana and then to Houston to do a seminar for Mr. Gifford's Safety America organization but hurricane Rita put a damper on that so it was off to Ft. Worth, TX and 2 nights with one of Mr. Gifford's dojomates from 1969, Craig & Janna Lee Corato and family.  At one time Craig was a rated competitor and he still dabbles in martial arts and has even competed and won in TX.  Not bad for an "old" man.  Our visit included a trip to Dealey Plaza and the museum about the Kennedy assassination.  Sensei Campos was on duty as an MP just 150 miles away the day Kennedy was killed.  They also went to the Ft. Worth Stockyards which is now a tourist attraction.  Sensei tried his hand at a bucking bronco but didn't have .50 cents to put in the coin slot!  Then it was off to Killeen, TX where he stopped at a karate club and got a chance to visit his now decommissioned base.  That's a whole other story.  After Killeen and a nice drive through TX hill country, it was on to San Antonio for 5 days of touring.  Finally on 9/30 it was off to Houston for testing and the tournament hosted by Bob & June Gifford.  A highlight of the tournament was Moose The Amazing Performing Dog.  From what we saw Moose can play soccer or volleyball and she easily entertained the crowd.  As always it was nice to see everyone, esp. the newly married Kwai Chang & Heidi, Bob & Judy Ryan, Bill & Michele Hickl (who gave us a place to stay), and Susan Jackson, who came in from FL, and everyone else who was there.  Then it was off to Lansing, IL to stay with Steve & Terri Reid.  Steve was an instructor at HQ for many years and moved to IL about 5 years ago.  We had a chance to spend a couple of hours in the windy city (Chicago) and found it clean and easy to get around.  In the guess who came to dinner category it was great to catch up with Mr. Kirch.  He works about four miles from the Reid's and we all had a great visit.  Then it was the race home through Detroit, Canada and NYS to Johnstown.  Twenty-two days of great times with many friends.  Thank you all for the great hospitality!

ADDED 7/31/05:  The 23rd Annual Super Summer Seminars Martial Arts Camp held at Colgate University on 7/22-7/24 was another huge success.  The weather was perfect for the program and the only rain occurred on Fri just before registration was scheduled to begin but, cleared up just in time.  More importantly, the extreme heat and humidity from the previous two weeks was gone making training much more pleasant for everyone.  With approximately 200 instructors and martial artists in attendance, the weekend was fun and educational.  As always, Bob Pinney, from the Colgate Karate program, helped to organize and smooth out any minor problems that occurred.

ZDK ASSOC. TESTING on Fri was attended by a number of high ranking instructors who came to offer their expertise and evaluation.  High ranking ZDK members including Mr. Brown, Mr. Cox, Mr. Eierdam, Mr. Gifford, Mr. Hickl, Ms. Jackson, Mr. Kirch, Mr. Melander, Mr. Ryan, Mr. & Mrs. Streeter, and others helped to oversee the event.  Of special note are the "crash dummies" who came to lend their bodies to the process.


Saturday & Sunday saw the participants engaged in training and socializing.  Mike Bernardo, our "special guest" instructor was very popular as were all the other instructors.  The DJ got the party started and played to a die-hard crowd until 2 am.  Then there were the Russell Olympics, run by the TX and FL contingent, which had a large number of competitors until the wee hours of Sunday morning. 

There is also a rumor that certain members of the TX/FL group made a special trip to see the largest pig in the world in Hubbardsville, NY.  You can see more about this porker at www.worldsbigpig.com

Many thanks to the staff and participants for helping to make SSS such a great camp.  All in all it was a fantastic weekend and, if the evaluations are any indication, we will have another big year in 2006.

ADDED 7/05:  Congratulations to the following people from Bailey's Karate in Rome, NY on receiving their Black Belt certification through the ZDK:  Tabitha Cieniewicz & Jessie Flaim - Jr. 1st Degree Black Belt;  Harry Hulett I & James Shaver - 1st Degree Black Belt; David Lebiednik - Jr. 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Congratulations to Amanda Van Vliet from Kennedy's Karate in Christchurch, New Zealand on achieving 1st Degree Black Belt rank.

ADDED 6/7/05Sensei Campos traveled to the N-NY ZDK Clubs on 5/13-5/15 to present seminars and attend the 1st Annual N-NY ZDK Banquet.  As always the seminar were fun and from all reports the students enjoyed the club & knife defense program.  N-NY instructors on hand included Vince Perry, Dave Pepe, Tim & Cheri Langdon, Tim Bass, and a bunch of other black belt members.  Mr. Ron Brown was, as always, a great host.  A surprise participant was Mr. Brian Cox, of the Cherry Valley ZDK.  He drove a long way to attend and his presence was appreciated.  Mr. Dave Guccione and Lisa Caswell were unable to attend because they were in Italy getting their backpack pick-pocketed!  Actually it was only an attempted theft and they only got the salami.  Guccione said he missed free toilets and air-conditioning but had a great time visiting Rome, Florence, & Milan.

The Banquet on Sat. evening was attended by over 100 instructors & members of the N-NY clubs.  This was a great first event and was very well organized by Mr. Brown with help from his daughter, Cheri Langdon (read - she did all the work!).  Congratulations on a successful event.

Early Sun. morning we had our annual golf challenge (debacle) in the rain & cold of the north country.  RB was on a roll and easily beat Mr. C.  But his son-in-law, Tim, "the Tiger", Langdon beat everyone.  RB & Mr. C will meet for a re-match in Myrtle Beach soon!

Speaking of "the Tiger."  Word is that Cheri is pregnant again.  They apparently plan to have a ZDK kids army up there in N-NY.

Speaking of the North country, Mr. Joel Kirch (the instructor of most of the senior N-NY instructors) was invited but was unable to attend due to his schedule with the U.S. Marshal's Service.  He is on the move again and has just been promoted and will be moving to Indiana in August.  He promises that he will be at SSS though and we look forward to seeing him there.

ADDED 5/7/05:  Sensei Campos had the privilege of attending testing on Wed. 5/4 at Sensei Robert Pinney's club in Sherburne, NY.  After testing his club did a Kick-a-Thon to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  In one hour of kicking they were able to realize a $867.60 donation to this worthy cause.  Congratulations to all the members that participated in the effort.  Congratulations to Mr. Pinney on surviving the 1000 kicks!

ADDED 5/3/05On Monday 4/18 Sensei Campos and Mrs. Streeter presented an E.D.S. Personal Protection seminar for approximately 50 participants at the General Electric plant in Schenectady, NY.  The presentation was very well received and there is discussion regarding a series of presentations at the plant.

On Sat. 4/23 Sensei Campos was at the Red Dragon Karate Club in Ballston Spa, NY to do an E.D.S. Knife & Club Defense class.  His visit has become an annual event and, as always, Sensei Melander and his students were great.  There were also several participants from three other area clubs in attendance.  After the first seminar, Sensei Campos worked with several students on learning basic Sai techniques.  The only bad part of the day was the cold dreary weather which, for the third year in a row, resulted in cancellation of golf.  Mr. Melander has a cloud over his head in that arena apparently.

On Fri. 4/29 Sensei Campos drove up to Long Lake, NY to do the second in a series of E.D.S. programs for the school district and community.  While the drive takes almost 2 hours, the scenery in the Adirondack's makes up for it.  The seminar was well received by the participants and plans are underway to host him for a third visit.  Sensei Campos appreciated Joe Inglese and Richard Schuyler, from HQ, coming along to assist.

ADDED 4/13/05:  Lots of new news!  Mrs. Carol Yoshino, whose children train with Mr. Pinney at Colgate recently told us that both of her sons are now safely home from the war.  "Chris came home from Iraq about 3 weeks ago and is stationed in Texas.  Cary landed last night in Hawaii from Afghanistan."  Needless to say we are happy for their safe return and honor their service.

Johnny Kennedy sent us a message from New Zealand letting us know that one of his Black Belts, Ben Lamb and his wife Sarah are now have a new addition to the family - Joshua.  Congratulations!

We also want to thank Sensei Kennedy for sending the Ti-a-ha (Maori ceremonial spear) to Sensei Campos.  Everyone got to see it at testing in March.  Mr. Kirch had an interesting observation regarding the design.  Ask Sensei Campos about it when you see him!

Speaking of babies.  Mr. Guccione informs us that Jovan and Emily Germano had a  baby boy at 10:30 am on Sunday, 3/20/05.  His name is Devlin Patrick Germano. According to Mr. Guccione, he fights in the flyweight division at an even 7 lbs.

Those of you who have been around for awhile will know the name Rick Pontillo.  He trained with us back in the 70's and was surfing the web to see if we were still around.  It was great to hear from him.  He says hello to Gary & Craig Corato and the famous "Mad Dog" Alan Adams!

Sensei Campos had great weather in Florida.  He had a chance to stop into D.C. to see his daughter on the way there and on the way back.  In between he relaxed, trained, and presented a seminar at Ms. Sue Jackson's Traditional Martial Arts in Orlando.  As always, Mr. C. had a great time at Ms. Jackson's dojo and sends his regards to her members.

ADDED 4/12/05:  ZDK TOP SCHOOLS AWARDS FOR 2004.  The following member clubs were awarded the following certificates based on point totals for 2004.  Everyone should have received the award via mail or had it presented at the March testing/seminar:





ADDED 3/14/05:  Bi-Annual Black Belt Testing was held at HQ on 3/12/05.  Congratulations to the new ZDK Certified Black Belts from the Johnstown, NY ZDK:  Arlene Card, Chi Nguyen, & Brian Lerner all Shodans;  Ian Santangelo - Nidan; Harry Tomlinson - Godan.  Brian Cox from the Cobleskill/Cherry Valley, NY ZDK was also awarded Godan rank.  All of these individuals passed the rigorous physical requirements and should be proud of their accomplishment.  This was the largest contingent of black belt candidates to ever test at one time from the Johnstown ZDK.

Even though this was our first year with no Association Awards Banquet, we still had a large number of Course Instructors and Black Belts in attendance.  Course Instructors included:  Mr. Ron Brown, Mr. Glenn Ward, Ms. Cathie Bagnall, Mr. Jeff Melander, Mr. Rocco Alianiello, Mr. Dave Guccione, Mr. Keith Stevenson, and Mr. Bob Pinney.  They showed up to offer their assistance and brought some of their black belts with them.  Mr. & Mrs. Bob Streeter did a great job of getting the candidates ready for their big day.  As the senior ranking members, Mr. Kirch and Mr. Campos observed the testing and reviewed the Godan candidates.

Note:  Only Course Instructors who test their black belt candidates at ZDK Sanctioned exams are eligible to judge at these events but all instructors and members are welcome to attend as observers.

3/12/05 GUN DEFENSE SEMINAR:  The E.D.S. Gun Defense seminar, planned after testing, had to be moved from the studio to the Rainbow Restaurant banquet room in order to accommodate 70 participants.  There were local police officers, store security personnel, non-martial artists and martial artists from PA, CT, MA, and all over NY in attendance.  The 2-1/2 hour session was highlighted by practice with simunitions by any participant that wanted to attempt the techniques against a real gun.  The evaluations were excellent and everyone seemed to have a good time while learning valuable skills.  Other sessions are in the planning stages and information will be posted on the events page.


Participants at the 3/12/05 Basic Handgun defense class.

ADDED 3/4/05:  We would like to welcome as a new member Raffi Derderian of RI.  Raffi has instructed at SSS and has a background in Uechi-Ryu Karate under George Mattson, as well as rank in Kenpo (Don Rodrigues) and JKD and Kali (Kevin Seaman).  He has instructed at SSS and noted interest in the ZDK at that event.  We look forward to working with him as part of the ZDK organization.

ADDED 3/2/05:  Fight Times Magazine in New Zealand has a short article on Master Campos' Oct. 2004 visit online at:  http://www.fighttimes.com/magazine/magazine.asp?article=64

You can also see more information on the trip at Sensei Kennedy's Website: 


Go there to check it out.

ADDED 2/13/05:  Sensei Campos was one of 5 seminar presenters at Winter Warrior Weekend held at the YWCA in Gloversville, NY on 2/11-2/13.  His seminar on Takedowns was well received by the participants.  There were also instructors teaching Aikido, & Brazilian JuJitsu.

ADDED 2/8/05:  Sensei Campos enjoyed the Friendship Tournament hosted by Larry & Laura Brooks this past Sun.  It was a beautiful day and, even though it was Super Bowl Sunday, we were done and out the door by 4 P.M.  This was the largest (200+) competitor turnout at this event and it ran flawlessly.  It was nice to see some new clubs represented as well as members from the three  Bailey's clubs.  The Johnstown (Mr. & Mrs. Streeter), Cherry Valley (Mr. Cox) & Cobleskill College (Mr. Stevenson) ZDK clubs were well represented too.  As usual, Vicki Gillen & Tom & Dana Arcuri were instrumental in keeping the event on schedule.  While some clubs eschew competition, it does provide a great opportunity for students and instructors to meet in a friendly atmosphere and see where they are in terms of skill level.  Competition helps develop responsibility and cooperation among students and instructors.  What is the purpose of having "sport sparring" as a curriculum component if you never test yourself outside your own dojo?

ADDED 1/27/05:  News from a newly minted U.S. Marine:

     "Hello, How is everything?  I thought I would send a quick message to give you all a little update.  I have finished all of my schooling/training for Military Police in the United States Marine Corps.  I am preparing to drive to Camp Pendleton, CA for my first duty station.  It is unknown at this time whether or not I will be going overseas.  I would like to continue my martial arts training outside of the Marine Corps whenever I can.  I was wondering if you had any affiliate schools close to Camp Pendleton, CA.  If so I would love to attend classes when I could.  I am still training in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), which is nice but I still miss ZDK and the people within it.  I would also like to thank you once again for all you have provided me with.  ZDK is a wonderful organization and I am proud to be a part of it.  I will continue to update you on all that I can.  Thank you again.  Take Care.
PFC McConnell, Travis J.
Semper Fidelis!"

ADDED 1/24/05:  RE:  News from those who have friends or relatives serving in the military.  One of Mr. Pinney's parents (Mrs. Yoshino) recently wrote:  "My son from Baghdad was home for Christmas and his wife and children stationed in South Korea who he has not seen in 11 months were also here.  My son in Afghanistan is doing well too.  All should be back in the states by May." 

Larry Brooks (Brooks Karate) wrote:

"Larry (Jr.) rotated back home in time for the holidays.  We were able to be at Logan as he came in and we kept it from both grandmother and surprised them Christmas Day. We had all 4 grandkids and parents staying throughout and the small house REALLY seemed small, but I don't think Laura put the youngest down..."

Carl Christman (COBY) sent a message:  "After 2001 my best friend re-enlisted at 37 years old into the National
Guard and is in Kuwait.  In 5 days he goes to combat in Iraq.  He is helping keep us safe at home.  I write him as often as possible.  It will be 18 months before he is discharged. He needs little things at this point.  These little things add up to distractions.  He cannot be distracted because people die if he does.  So I have to run to gun stores and get on the internet to get him these things.  Many other things go by the wayside when someone's life could depend on whether I buy the gun stock rubber butt plate and ship it in the first package to him."

We hope that everyone with friends or family members serving overseas get back home safely.

Another one bites the dustWe heard from Shawn Vicknair (TX-ZDK) - otherwise known as Kwai Chang - that he was tying the knot in Sept.  It looks like he was able to convince Heidi that he was worth a gamble.  Congratulations to both of you.

ADDED 1/14/05:  Sensei Campos is recovering from the broken hand he received when he managed to have a disagreement with some winter ice & his back stairs!  Since the break is to his dominant side, he can't write checks or sign credit card bills.  He has been forced use the other side of his brain to do normal everyday activities which has been an interesting experience.  Many thanks to those of you who got his message & took the time to wish him a speedy recovery.

His injury has not stopped him from presenting several programs on personal protection.  On Jan. 11 he was at the local community college doing a series of presentations for area H.S. students & that evening he did a presentation for the American Assoc. of University Women.  He appreciated the assistance of HQ members Brian Lerner & Richard Schuyler at the college and Arlene Card & Ian Santangelo at the AAUW presentation.  He has also recently received several inquiries about doing programs from other groups in the region.

WORD ON THE STREET:  We just heard that Bill Hickl, a black belt member of the TX ZDK under Mr. Gifford, is going to be in the Feb. '05 issue of Smart Money Magazine.  We have known Bill for a number of years & had no doubt that he was a guy on the move.  Bill is the financial advisor to a VERY famous martial arts champion/movie/TV star & a World Heavyweight Boxing Champion who currently sells tabletop grills and has a tribe of kids who all have his first name.  Like all successful people, Bill has worked hard to get where he is today.  Congratulations!!


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